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    Pp3v3_s5_reg_r - 0.54v

    820-00164 board not liquide damaged. PP3V3_S5_REG_R - 0.54V In diode mode - 0.400 and 0.366 I replaced U7501, C7592 and Q7560 Still 0.54V I injected 3.5V there and no consum at all - 0V Thanks for help.
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    820-2936 run slow with battery

    When only with battery, it runs slowly. HS_OTHER_IOUT - 1.27V PBUS_S0_VSENSE - 0V ?? PBUSVSENS_EN_L - 11.17V I replaced Q5300 and U5410 as they were corroded. Could be something more? ASD errors: Battery RA table test Value over 2K found in R-a 0-7 VP0R pbus test
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    820-2915 beeping 3 times

    3 beeps. PP1V5_S3 - 1.5V PP3V3_S0 - 3.33V PP0V75_S0 - 0.74v PPVCORE - 1.11V Tried different ram and both slots of course. no liquide damage. Any idea?
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    iMac 21 2012 and 2014 screen?

    iMac 21 2012 and 2014 screens are compatible?
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    [SOLVED]820-2936 missing cpu core

    This board power and has all rails except CPU core. On U7400 pin 1 is 0V I lift R7974 and on both pins still 0V Board has stable 3.3V, 1.5V, 12,57V, 1,05V, 1.8V. No liquide damage. Customer told that happend when connect sound card throught the USB. ---------------------------------- L7100 -...
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    820-3126 1 usb is not working

    I have 5V but is stll not working. Any idea?
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    What OS X I can install here?

    I have here this iMac to reinstall I tried to put 10.6 but didnot recognize the usb pen-drive. What OS X I can install?
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    820-3437 missing cpu core

    This board is liquide damage arround U7870 and resistors. Pulsing. Only S5 voltage present I removed R8167 and I have all coils present volatge but no cpu core. U7870 generate 1.5V stable. U3210 looks good no corrosion there. Far from corrosion. R8162 no istalled on this board and 0V on both pins.
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    This board had several componentes burnt like: F7005, R7010 that I didnot replace at this moment I just remove it. U7000 and U7001 and SMC replaced. After that now I have ppbus stable at 12.59V and 3V42 stable and all rails appear and cpu core too for 0.1 seg but not pulsing later. Customer...
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    820-3437 CPU warm

    This board seems very clean and has all rails. CPU core - 1.70 but CPU is only a little bit warm. Always used to be hot. No mouse light. BIos and lock chip seems very well. Any idea why CPU is not hot?
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    Macbook air 13 2013

    Can I fit 820-00165 right? All compatible?
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    [SOLVED]280-3437 no backlight.

    280-3437 no backlight. Can see blinking folder LCD backlight - 8.57V Enable pin - 2.84V PWM - 1.47V SDA and SCL - 3.3V All 6 return lines - 0.630 with red to ground Already replaced 2 times LP8550 and tried 3 different working screens. Have no more ideas.
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    820-2915 pulsing

    820-2915 reboot each 6 seg. With RAM Cpu core present but each 6 seg dissaper for 1 seg Without RAM cpu core always present. Any idea? It is not liquide damage board. Just talked with the customer. He worked with the laptop and shut it down and next day turn on wihtout image.
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    Short SMC

    This board is not liquide damage. I found short smc that I replaced and now I have green light and ppbus at 12.54V 3V estables but 5V pulsing each 6 seg. CPU core pulsing too. Could be bad donor-SMC or something else?
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    Find my mac

    I have here 2 customers board and one was locked in my office and then I locked the second one I dont know how. How this exatly work? This is in bios, right? But I interchanged the ssd several times and I dont know if ssd can pass the lock from one board to another.
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    Backlight board iMac 21 2011

    These board have some common problem? I have one faulty here.
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    820-2201 and 820-2249 are compatible?
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    iphone chips

    I am new to iphone and didnot repair them still. What chip should I stock? Any common problems and chips?
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    3115 no power with battery

    This board with battery and ac adapter power and work ok where ppbus is 12.60 V. Charge the battery and I can remove the adapter and still works ok only with battery. Problem is this board will NOT power ONLY with battery where PPBUS is 12.00V
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    Already have 2 boards with same problem. No mouse light.I have all rails and CPU too and rails for 30 seg and then board off. What these 30 seg means? Any idea? Boards seems pretty clean.