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    820-2936 no ppbus

    This board work well with battery and show 29%-28% and goes low. Only with adapter ppbus - 0V. No short there. pin17-18 and 27-28 are 3 and 20 ohm. VDD on ISL6259 are 5V acok - 3.3V Next step is to replace ISL6259?
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    3115 error

    This Macbook pro has this problem: I replaced HDD and hdd cable 2 times. Mostly it works, but sometimes appears this circle. What I can try more?
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    A1369 screen

    All screen for A1369 are interchangeable? 2010 and 2011 models?
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    Video appears only after vga plug and unplug

    This is not Macbook. This is Dell, but if somebody know the problem. Start with no video, but if I plug external monitor and unplug, then video appear on lvds. Any idea?
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    Found little corrosion arround Bios PP3V3_S5 - present 32khz PCH present PM_PWRBTN_L -3V PM_RSMRST_L -3V PPVRTC_G3H -3V RTC_RESET_L -3V PM_SLP_S5_ L -0V PP5V_S4 - 0V missing Checked resistor arround bios and are ok. Corrosion was very very little. I lift U6101 and clean and resolder again...
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    Missing PPVCORE

    820-3115 I have 1.05, 0.9V, 1.50V stable but missing PPVCORE_S0_CPU All_SYS_PWRGD is present - 3.24V When All_SYS_PWRGD is present that mean all is ok except cpu core??
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    820-3126 no video

    I recived this iMac with no video. With new working video card no video. 4 leds are on. I checked L9000 and it is ok. Something more I can check on the board?
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    IC 1610A2 compatibiity

    1610A1 = 1610A2 = 1610A3 Should I have these 3 chips in stock to repair iphone or only A3 version is enought? Are they the same?
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    Macbook pro A1465 screen blinking

    Macbook pro A1465 screen blinking often. Already tried another screen and it is not screen problem. I think it is no backlight problem is sometimes image move. Any idea?
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    Trackpad macbook air 11 2011?

    trackpad macbook air 11 2011 move randomly sometimes. Ussualy bad trackpad?
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    Upgrade from 8GB to 16GB on 820-4924

    Upgrade from 8GB to 16GB on 820-4924 Somebody did that already?
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    SMC compatibility

    820-3536 and 820-3476 are compatibly? These boards are almost the same. Somebody try them?
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    820-3536 question

    I just removed SMC on 820-3536 board and I noted this board has magsafe green light. Is that normal for all boards?
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    Hdd sensor iMac 27

    A customer asked me to replace his iMac 2011 hdd 1TB with SSD and told me that I should replace the hdd sensor also, as fan will speed fastly. What he mean? I dont see hdd sensor in this model. I read about and seems that fan will speed fast randomly. Any solution for it?
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    Burnt GDZT2R6.8

    Found burnt GDZT2R6.8 diode on 820-3462 board. Should I check something more or on these this diode just die.
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    820-3115 shutdown when got descktop

    This board has liquide damage and burnt coil and damage lvds. I replaced the lvds and bridg the coil that goes to pin3 (lvds) next to the lvds. Now the problem is when the board got to the desktop, board shut down. Any idea where to check next? Already tried with usb hard drive.
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    820-2838 isl

    What should I except betwen pin 27-28 in this board? 20 ohm? Schematic is not clear and pin27-28 goes to R7020? In schematic I cannot see it well.
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    How to replace TPS22924

    Do you replace TPS22924 from donor board or only new as they are bga chip?
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    Damage D8322

    820-4924 I found this diode damage and I am not sure is if I can remove it and do a bridge. I dont have the same board to take one.
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    Macbook pro 2010 ddr3L

    Somebody tried to upgrade Macbook pro 2010 A1286 to 16GB ram ddr 3L? Should it works? The ram I tried 1.35V 10666 G.SKILL I tried and sometimes reboot and sometimes black screen and I am not sure if this is board problem (known cap issue) or ram problem.