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    [SOLVED]820-3437 missing backlight

    BKL_PWM - 1.47V BKL_EN - 2.84V LCDBKLT - 8.57V BKL_PWM - 1.47V is OK??
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    Want to replace H5GQ2H24MFR

    I have 2915 board with H5GQ2H24MFR and want to put H5GQ1H24AFR I realized that I will cut the vram from 1GB to 512MB but at this moment I havenot got another vram. Should I move some resistor?
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    What does mean?

    Disconnect power cable. Hold the power button on Macbook - Duration is not important, you can move to step 2 in a matter of milliseconds. Connect the power cable whilst still holding the power button. With the power cable in, keep the power button hold for at least 5 seconds. Release the power...
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    MBX-237 Docking board

    Is there any common problem with this board? This Sony work only with battery but doesnot work only with AC adapter and will not charge the battery. Docking board has BQ24725 and ACOK - 0V if I measure the board disconected from the main board. any common...
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    820-3332 Eternal apple

    This board starts to load OS X but never finish to do it. Eternal apple I noted that somebody touched the bios yet, so I am afraid this board has no clean ME. If I dont have backup, it is possible to create a good working dump for this board or eternal Apple is not bios problem.
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    A1398 retina screen

    A1389 reteina screen are 2 models? 2013-2014 - 1 model 2015 - another model?
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    PDF program to open schematic?

    What PDF program do you use to open PDF shcematic? Something better then Adobe reader?
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    820-3209 ppbus8.18V

    820-3209 ppbus8.18V Should I start by replacing SMC?
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    Retina screen 2014 or 2015

    I just got a retina A1502 screen but seller is not sure if it is 2014 or 2015. Is there any way to check that?
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    3115 white screen

    This board power with chime and TB image is OK. But on LVDS screen no video, white screen. I checked and L9004 was bad. I replaced it and no no white screen anymore. Now dark screen but no video, no backlight. If I remove L9404 I have white screen again. LCDVDD, LCD_F, CLK and DATA are at 3.3V...
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    MBP 2011 is that vram?

    I replaced 2 times 0005 and same story. Pink screen and square with Apple. Vram is hynix. I didnot remove the glue when I replaced the GPU. Do you remove it?
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    Imac 2009 i7 video dissapear in 2-3 miutes

    Imac 2009 i7 video dissapear in 2-3 minutes. Is that screen problem? If I reboot the iMac video comes again for 1,2,3 minutes each time I reboot. Sometimes 30 seg. On external screen always has video.
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    820-2915 LCD_PWR_EN missing

    LCD_PWR_EN is missing and no short to ground. Board chime and mouse light. No video, no backlight. Nothing with flashlight Is that GPU problem? LVDS_DDC_CLK and LVDS_DDC_DATA present at 3.4V
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    Missing SYSCLK_CLK25M_SB

    This board firstly run ok with video but fan at full speed. It has liquide damage arround ISL and ppbus 12.26V. Aftert clean this area, I already have 12.56V but now doesnot power. 3V_S5 are present 5V_S3 appears only when plug the charger the first time for 0.1 seg. It doesnot pulsing. If I...
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    [SOLVED]820-3115 no hdd detect

    Is there any common problem with these boards? I have severals and no one detect the hdd.I checked =PP5V_S0_HDD and it jumped from 5V to 3V Of course I replaced hdd and cable already.
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    5V_S3 pulsing each 8 seg

    Green light - Ok SMC_RESET_L - 3.3V SMC_ADAPTER_EN - 3.3V PP3V3_S5 - 3.3V stable 32khz PCH - present PM_RSMRST_L (Reset PCH) - - 3.3V RTC_RESET_L (Reset RTC) - - 3.3V 5V_S3 - can check a pulse each 8 seg. 5V_S3 COIL diode mode -> 0.149 and 1.09 Bios and clock chip looks good.
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    820-2330 need battery to power up

    This board power and work ok and recognize battery in OS X but without battery it will not power up. Is that SMC problem? No green light. Already tried another jack and adapter. Only with AC adapter: ppbus 12.59V 3V42 - Present ACOK - 3.14 SMC_ADAPTER_EN - 3.28V =PP3V3_S5_REG - 3.31V...
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    Strap 0084 to 0005

    I need to replace 0084 to 0005 with 4 vram minix. What resistors I should remove or add?
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    Macbook Air A1466

    Customer told me never was droped. Problem is sometimes randomly it crashs with kernel error and reboot. Somebody repaired Macbook air with this problem?
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    Dump for 820-3662-A

    Somebody have dump for 820-3662-A? I dont have backup as I recived the MBP with bios flashed already.