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    Imac 27 card

    I want to buy card from ebay for this imac 27 Which card are compatible? HD4670 and HD4850? There are more part numbers?
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    Screen compatibility

    Sony Vaio with N156BGE-L21. I tried 4m5 screens with same resolution and no one is working. Only original one is working. Could be just this Sony require only N156BGE-L21 ??
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    820-3023 3 beeps

    Is there anythingh I can check here or it is trashed?
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    Macbook 15 2011 is that screen problem?

    Is that screen problem? It did it only one time and I am not sure if this is gpu o screen.
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    Best way to trick dual inverter

    Any way to get working dual inverter with only one ccfl? I tried with cap but no success. What cap I need to put? It is All on one Sony and I found out one ccfl is bad. If I connect 15.4 screen instead bad ccfl it works ok.
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    Mac mini 2011

    Have here mac mini 2011 with HD 6630M graphics with 256 MB Seems to have video problems. This model have common problems with GPU? What is 216-xx number?
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    820-2850 reboot each 5 seg

    Sometimes works ok and load OS X and sometime reboot each 5 seg. I replaced cap as always 2 times and already tried different ram. Could be bad GPU?
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    820-3437 sometimes no S5 from PCH

    PP3V3_S5 always present 32khz for PCH always present PM_PWRBTN_L always present PM_RSMRST_L always present PPVRTC_G3H always present RTC_RESET_L always present PM_SLP_S5_L sometimes present, sometimes miss when I reconect magsafe. Any idea what could be wrong? When PM_SLP_S5_L present no fan...
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    Imac gpu 216-XJBKA15FG

    SEE told me they dont have 216-XJBKA15FG but they have new 216-MJBKA15FG and they are 100% compatible. Is that correct?
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    820-2879 no magsafe

    This macbook pro has no magsafe and I found U6900 SMC_BC_ACOK_VCC - 3.3V SYS_ONEWIRE - 3.3V ADAPTER_SENSE - 7.26V This means bad SMC?
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    820-2915 no power

    Magsafe ok PPBUS – 12.56V 3.42V present SMC_RESET_L - 3.3V SMC_ADAPTER_EN - 3.3V PP3V3_S5 - 3.3V 32khz for PCH present PM_PWRBTN_L - 3V PM_RSMRST_L - 3V PM_SLP_S5_L -0V PM_SLP_S3_L -0V PM_SLP_S4_L -0V PP5V_S4 -0V Any idea what to do next? Board is pretty clean and no liquid damage.
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    VP0R error

    3115 board U5410 pin1 - ground pin2 - ground pin3 - 3.3V pin4 - 12.57V pin5 - 12.57V pin6 - 0.04V I replaced U5410 but still 0V at it. Board power but will not load OS X and ASD tells there is ppbus error VP0R pin6 - 0.04V is not ok, right? Not short to ground on this chip.
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    3115 sometimes no video

    This board sometimes chime but no video and when I have video it ask me to replace the password. I replaced the HDD and now works always. Thats make sense? Never seen that in WIndows laptops. When power on without video, no backlight, no video. Only chime.
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    820-3115 missing u5410

    Liquid damage. Arround U5410 is all destroyed. I cannot put it back. I had to clean to remove short. So, can I do a bridg? 3V to R5419 is enought?
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    Tool for Macbook air keyboard

    Is there any tool on ebay or aliexpress I can buy to remove rivet on Macbook air?
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    Replace GPU 9051

    Need to replace this GPU 9051. I found DC: 1612 and 1630. Somebody tried these datacode? Are they good?
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    Customer told it discharged the battery to 0% and now laptop will not power anymore. I removed already rtc battery and checked that I have 19V stable. Battery is charged, so battery charger is working ok. It is second time I face this problem. Any recomendation? I found only one bios but it is...
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    [SOLVED]820-3437 ppbus 8.18

    Have ppbus at 8.18V. Is that ok or it is low?
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    [SOLVED]A1502 no power.

    Macbook pro 820-3476 no power I have 12.58 stable ISL6259 acok - 3.40V Magsafe - Ok SMC_ADAPTER_EN - 3.40V PP5V_S5 - 5V present PP5V_S4 - 0V missing PM_PWRBTN_L - 3.40V always Customer told it was working and shutdown the laptop. Few hours will not turn on anymore. No liquid damage.
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    Not charging the battery A1502

    Macbook Pro A1502 2015. Board seems to be 820-4924 It sees the battery and shows 3% but when I disconect the magsafe, it shutdown. J7050 without ac adapter pin 1-9 at 0V J7050 with ac adapter pin1 - 12V and comes to 1V softly for 20 seg. scl and sda - 3.4V SYS_DETECT_L - 0V Cannot fund where...