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    macbook air 820-00165 don't want to go out

    Hi, the macbook air had no liquid damage but did not start at all, having checked the signals I replaced the smc, now the macbook starts perfectly the sound the ssd the battery everything works, the only problem is that 'it is impossible to turn it off, when I keep pressing the power button it...
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    Macbook air A1466 no power

    820-00165 green orange light, no fan, no boot at first it did not turn on with battery, so I changed the smc but since no more starting no short, no liquid damage PP5V_S5 5v pp3v42_G3H 3,42v ppbus_g3h 8,6v p3v3_s5 3,3v PP3V3_S4SW_SNS 0v SMC_SENSOR_PWR_EN 0v pm_pwrbtn_l 3,42v I changed several...
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    macbook air a1932 820-01521, no power

    Hi, i have a macbook air a1932 820-01521, no power, restor t2 ok no problem but no display or boot on the macbook, no liquid damage, very clean, no short, I changed U7000 and always the same result: PPBUS_G3H 12V66 stable but low and CHGR_BGATE not stable 12V66 at 0V20, I removed F7000 and F8400...