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  1. Crizz

    A1706 MacBook 820-00923-A sudden death - missing vcore - 20V - 0.25A

    The Logicboard have no visible corrosion or burn marks. The whole machine is clean.... I mean CLEAN! No dust in the fins! I'm the first opened it. No shorts on the coils! All the S0-lines comes up except: PPVCC_S0_CPU =0V 4.8Ohms tg PPVCCGT_S0_CPU =0V 2.8Ohms tg PPVCCSA_S0_CPU =0V...
  2. Crizz

    ASD 3S146 freezes on every machine 2011 - Machine problem or more likely bad ASD?

    Hi there I've used a lot of ASD images and I always use the EFI-version without any issues. But only on version 3S146 the machine freezes as soon as the USB drive starts. I got the same issue on different machines. I tried both version (EFI and OS) with USB-Drive, USB-DVD drive and USB-HDD. And...
  3. Crizz

    How To Read/Write/Erase Apple EFI-SPI-ROM with Raspberry Pi

    Here I will explain the way I fixed some boards by rewriting the Apple EFI SPI ROM. You should try this if your machine has the following symptoms: stuck in a start-stop loop without posting it will boot, chime, load the OS, but the WiFi, and/or the graphics will behave irregular. it will...
  4. Crizz

    [SOLVED]820-2936 start-stop loop three second intervals without any damage

    So I got this A1278 820-2936-B machine in a absolutely perfect condition - no scratches, no dents, no liquid spill, no sights of usage at all :) The Costumer told me it went off by itself and never come up again - battery is charged! Now my results: -green light is present and stays green...
  5. Crizz

    [SOLVED] 820-2327 all rails good but no chime, no video MCP79 issue

    I'm trying to fix a 820-2327 which had a little bit water damage: The board is now clean and I managed to reveal all the Power rails! The fan spins normally and the DVD-drive makes noises at startup. Both the CPU and GPU get voltage and...
  6. Crizz

    A little bit water damage :)

    I got myself a present with a little bit liquid spill :)
  7. Crizz

    Macbook Air 820-3437 ONE sec fan spin after repair

    One of my coworkers has a Macbook air with liquid spill on Q7630 shorting PPBUS to PP1V05_S0. The PPBUS line dropped from 8V to 2.9V since the shorted line pulled a lot of amperage. He has managed to replace Q7630 Mosfet with an new one but now the board behaves as follows: - As soon he...
  8. Crizz

    What do you think about AOYUE equipment?

    I know what Louis is going to write in here but what the rest of you think about it? Any experiences or comparisons? I use AOYUE Int852A+ for the last 8 Years and for me it kind of works. Sometimes I have to preheat the board to solder bigger chips but it works fine. It goes up to 480C and...
  9. Crizz

    What avatar Louis and Duke should have?

    It would be much easier to identify your posts when you have an avatar Maybe something like this :p Feel free to upload more examples!
  10. Crizz

    How can I bind BRD-file extension in Windows? - *.brd shortcut

    I've been searching for a while with no luck! I'm trying to implement the *.brd extension into windows so it opens my brd-files automatically with board view. This is what I tried: I saved boardview.exe on my local HDD -> right-click on any brd-file -> open with -> search boardview.exe -> sat a...
  11. Crizz

    Macbook Air 820-3437 works again but PPBUS_GH3 too low

    Hi there, I am glad to be a member of this community and here is my first post :) I managed to fix a 820-3437 Board by removing a short to ground on PP3V42. I had to replace some Caps getting very hot when I was injecting 3.4V with my bench power supply. Furthermore i had to replace the...