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  1. Tony Tone

    1707 Crashes and reboots after login

    1707 -928 board I did a simple flex-gate. Customer returns with random crashing. I don't see random crashing. Crashes everytime right after login about 1/3 of way of loading. Inspection I see no corrosion etc. I have tried: new screen, battery, trackpad I have replaced: U7410, 7210, 7420, 7230...
  2. Tony Tone


  3. Tony Tone


    I meant to say 820-00045 No green light on the charger, and no fan spin. What should I do? *** UPDATE *** There is no mag safe for 820-00045 & there are no fans present in this model...
  4. Tony Tone

    820-00045 Pulsing PP5V_S4 & S0

    PPBUS_G3H 9V PPVIN_G3H_P3V3G3H 14.63 --HS_COMPUTING_ISNS 9V PP3V3_G3H 3.29 --AON 3.3 --RTC 3.28 PP5V_G3H_LDO 4.97 --S4...
  5. Tony Tone

    [SOLVED]Running out of FETs

    820-2936 Water damage. Have made lots of progress. PPBUS_G3H is 3.23V. I don't have my 3.3V rail, but do have PP5V_S5. I notice if I diode mode to ground on L7220-1 I get 0.130. I have changed Q7220 and also changed U7200 a couple times. Once I change I do my diode mode reading and something...
  6. Tony Tone

    [SOLVED]820-000165 A1466 No Audio

    I have this MB that came in stone dead several weeks ago. There is no water damage. When I checked the rails I found there was no S4 rail. So what do I do when I see there is no S4 rail? Change the SMC. I changed the SMC and all was good. Customer comes back in a few days crying there is no...
  7. Tony Tone

    [SOLVED]A1466 820-3437 Runs only if SMC bypass

    I've been working on this board for some time now. It was slightly water damaged and had no green light and was missing some rails. I changed the SMC and have green light and all my power rails. CPU gets warm. Fan spins for 8 seconds, off for 4 seconds, and on for 4 seconds, and will turn back...
  8. Tony Tone

    Rossmann Forum - Search Function

    I think it would be really beneficial for the search function to operate properly. I think it would save everyone from having to ask the same questions repeatedly.
  9. Tony Tone

    2879 Milk damage

    I found a short on PP1V05_SO, I pulled L7620 and seen it was on pin 2. So I tried some caps above it and pulled U7600. Short still there. So I injected 1.5V into C7660 and see that U1400 gets hot first when freeze sprayed. I can assume u1400 is bad, correct? I did a USC at different angles also...
  10. Tony Tone

    3476 Has VCore, no: boot, image, chime etc

    No water damage, no visible corrosion. Tried PRAM reset with a new keyboard (don't have external), connector looks good. Tried SMC Bypass, Safe Mode, known working drive. Don't have USB mouse, used iPhone w/ammeter and see that it is charging the iPhone 1.5A I think it said. VCore is 1.74V...
  11. Tony Tone

    [SOLVED]820-3437 Smoking Joe Frazier Q7560

    A1466 came in stone dead. No PPBUS_G3H. Resistance to ground was near 0. So I injected 4.0V into G3H and see that Q7560 go hot. Changed it and only got 0.5V on G3H. Found F7140 was no good. Changed it and when I plugged in DC power Q7560 started to smoke. I see Q7560 does go to ground, so it is...
  12. Tony Tone

    820-3437 smc_lid = 0.5v

    All rails present, no chime, no display. Blinking USB stick. Lid is 0.5V. Tried new DCIN board and flex cable. Very little corrosion near C5021.
  13. Tony Tone

    A1398 Shows logo, nothing happens

    I tried all the resets, won't do safe mode. Will only show the logo and then nothing. Was water damage around the LVDS on backlight pins only, really light. No backlight, but with new LCD assembly is backlight. Don't see any other liquid anywhere. Ultrasoniced anyways. I've checked the drive is...
  14. Tony Tone

    [SOLVED]A1398 820-3662 No image after screen repair

    I was changing the screen and think something with the screen was wrong. I witnessed L8300 turn bright red and blow. I changed it and watched it blow again. I did this about 3 times (it was pretty cool). I have tried multiple know good screens (brand new) and don't get any image. Looks like...
  15. Tony Tone

    [SOLVED]1398 LCD only question

    A long time ago I put a late 2013 LCD only into a 2015 lid and it has been sitting here for years. Now that I install into a late 2013 L8300 keeps blowing. Is it the 2015 lid causing the problem I am guessing. Probably the backlight in the lid correct? So the LCD and lid have to match as well...
  16. Tony Tone

    A1466 820-3437 No Backlight

    Liquid damage around U7701. Replaced: U7701, C7714, R7741, R7715, R7731. Just a tiny bit of soy sauce got near this chip. Ultrasoniced. C7714 5V C7711 3.3V R7731-1 8.57V R7731-2 2.8V R7704 1.46V D7701-1 8.5V D7701-2 21V Lid 3.4V New LCD assembly same. PRAM Reseted Image present
  17. Tony Tone

    [SOLVED]Keyboard and trackpad issue A1502

    Macbook with no working trackpad or keyboard. Did a battery unplug and all is working fine. Next day, again, not working. Any ideas? No clue on where to start if its working. I've seen the IC in one once with a cracked IC and changed it and all was good. But this is kinda strange.
  18. Tony Tone

    1502 820-4924 Pulsing at L7560

    No water damage.
  19. Tony Tone

    Uncertain if board or screen issue

    A1268 customer brought in with exact same issue of distorted screen (minus the vertical bars), placed on new screen and same effect, except with vertical bars on the new screen. Have you guys experienced this? Did I damage the LCD on install or is it a known board issue?
  20. Tony Tone

    [SOLVED]820-4924 No S4

    No pp5v_s4. Missing: -pm_pch_sys_pwrok -pm_pch_pwrok & apwrok -plt_reset_l -pm_sysrst_l .018 -pm_batlow_l .035 -pch_pm_slp_s0_l .014 U1950 have pp3v42_g3h cpuvr_pgood_r .015 Have I been paying good attention with where I am going?