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  1. rany

    Replacing Keyboard for MBP 15" 2016 A1707 (with Touch Bar)!

    We are replacing the keyboard of this15" 2016 Touch Bar model and the original keyboard is riveted. While trying to push it (from the top) or pull it out (from the bottom), it come out in pieces. That's annoying and time consuming. Anyone has a trick to overcome this?
  2. rany

    820-4924 No Backlight

    MBP 13" Retina 820-4924 "died suddenly" as per owner. They tried "resetting" without success (not sure what they did). No liquid damage. No prior repair apparent except local AASP diagnosed "bad board." They removed the board at some time (missing screws). They may have caused something in the...
  3. rany

    Toshiba P50t-A VGSG_GS MB REV: 2.1 RAM Problem

    I know Toshiba is off topic, but may be someone has encountered this issue before and can help, or have any kind of insight! Board with fan and heat sink and CPU compound, powered with 90W charger / 19V, will boot (fan spin) without RAM inserted in any of the slots. Will quarter spin when a...
  4. rany

    820-3476 Intermittent Display

    This is a rush job, I have no time to investigate properly, and hoping for clues. We always have display on external monitor, sometimes we have on the internal display, sometimes not. We booted three times, only last time did we get display from internal monitor. Customer said most times pulling...
  5. rany

    820-3115 no sound from headphones jack

    820-3115 No liquid damage, no previous repair attempt. Sent to me for "headphones jack replacement." Did not test prior, just replaced it. Got sound with some static from original iPhone headphones jack then sound stopped. Was getting red light on and off. Resistors, diodes, and caps nearby...
  6. rany

    Something I noticed with newer OS - unable to restart after liquid damage repair.

    The last few repairs I had this occurrence across different models (MacBook Air, Retina, and IIRC a third older one with built-in DVD), following liquid damage repair. Once I have fan spin and mount the board back in the housing, I notice the OS loads ¾ then drops and turns off. In all 3 cases...
  7. rany

    [SOLVED]Old 820-2530 Charger Green then Orange No Power

    Hi, We have two 820-2530 not powering up - no fan spin at any moment, exhibiting: Green then orange light on charger, then we try to jump start by shorting pin 5 to ground, and the orange light disappears for a few seconds, only green remains. Then orange comes back. Anyone can help with any...
  8. rany

    820-3115 No Display and Missing LCD_IG_PWR_EN = LVDS_IG_PANEL_PWR on U9000

    HISTORY: board previously worked on, fucked-up connector, shorted back-light circuit, PPVOUT_SW_LCDBKLT also shorted to ground. PROBLEM: no display, but have display on external screen. Cleared short on backlight, got backlight but no display. Replaced connector, lost back-light, going to...
  9. rany

    820-2915 fan spin for 6-7 seconds, heat at CPU then shuts down.

    820-2915 fan spin for 6-7 seconds, CPU gets very hot, then it shuts off. G3H, 3.3V remain present. 5V => I have PP5V_S5 and PP5V_SUS. PP5V_S3 and PP5V_S0 die out when it shuts off. I would like to start it just enough to have it fail the GPU test and get replaced by Apple. Any leads?
  10. rany

    820-2850 "Shuts Off" When Using Photoshop/AutoCAD

    820-2850 / 2010 has dual boot. On bootcamp, screens turns off (laptop needs restarting) if we launch AutoCAD. On OS X, it happens if we launch Photoshop. I am assuming VGA. Should I investigate anything or give it back?
  11. rany

    820-3662 Detects USB 3.0 Devices Only, Doesn't Detect USB 2.0 HDD

    820-3662 Q8020 was blown and I replaced it at the request of the customer (another shop), and did nothing else to solve the possible cause. After some time, may be a month, customer reported that it's not detecting USB 2.0 devices. I tried it and it does detect mice, but not USB 2.0 HDDs. Even...
  12. rany

    [SOLVED]820-3662 Blown Q8020

    Q8020 looks burnt. Literally has a hole in it. Afraid to power up and cause damage, as I only have 1 good Q8020 left. Any hypothesis on what can cause this? Also, PP3V3_SUS has 0.7 OHM resistivity to ground. Is this normal? The fucked up donor board is measuring the same resistivity on that line.
  13. rany

    820-2850-A Liquid Damaged With Some Heating and Low Resistance to Ground

    I fixed WD 820-2850 by jumping wires to replace corroded vias/traces from R7052 to R7050, and replaced R7052. U7971 was nicked and J5815 was destroyed with its traces from prior pry damage. Replaced them both. Near them were some corroded components that I replaced. Q7055 was corrosion...
  14. rany

    MBP 820-2936 with Short to Ground on PP3V42_G3H and No Orange or Green Light.

    Have a 13" MBP 820-2936 with short to ground on PP3V42_G3H and obviously no orange - nor green light. I connected a charger and got no signs of heat. So I followed the short and mis-diagnosed and removed the SMC but the short remained. Before re-installing the SMC, can I inject 3V42 on the line...
  15. rany


    (I would categorize diagnostic and similar softwares as tools to be used in general and board repair. Unless you start a new category for softwares and applications). Here are some of the ones I use. If someone has other suggestions or any concerns about them, would love to hear it: Quick...
  16. rany

    820-3115 starts from full battery 1/4 spin from empty or no battery.

    Hi there Louis, Duke, and everyone else helping out. Thank you for this great resource. I have an 820-3115 giving me a headache. Probably current spike killed it. Among others, L6995 was damaged, ISL and SMC were both shorted to ground. Many resistors were off (reading incorrectly). After...