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  1. brunomotter

    820-3208 Quarter Fan Spin

    hey guys! 820-3208 here with quarter fan spin. Repeating every 5 seconds or so... Giver a little spin on fan and turns off. PPBUS_G3H 8.37V steady. Already checked current sensing resistors around U7000 and all them read correctly. No broken traces around it too... Replaced RTC chip and verified...
  2. brunomotter

    820-2936 No Power

    Hello. Got an 820-2936 here that got fried by knockoff charger. ISL6269 was fried, Q7030 and Q7035 also fried. SMC is fried like KFC. I replaced ISL, replaced both mosfets and verified all current sensing resistors near ISL. Also replaced D6990, U6990 and Q7080 as they looked suspicious. At the...
  3. brunomotter

    820-00292 No Power

    Hello! Got a 5K Late 2015 iMac here with no power. Tested with a known good PSU and nothing. No LEDs light up and no signs of life. I cannot find the schematics for that board anywhere not even for sale... Anyone here has the schematics for a board that has similar layout? The board had...
  4. brunomotter

    820-3787 Burning Batteries

    Hello! Got an 820-3787 here with a strange symptom! It was not turning on. I found a shorted cap near J5250 area, cleaned the area and replaced the cap and the board tuned on. No corrosion at all nowhere over the board but the J5250 area. I replaced the battery with a new one because the...
  5. brunomotter

    820-3115 Quarter Fan Spin

    Hello! Got an 820-3115 here with quarter fan spin. Already verified all current sensing resistors around ISL area, replaced ISL, replaced clock chip but no luck. I get steady 3.3V on L7220 and steady 12.54V on PPBUS_G3H. Get a sparkle of 5V on L7260 when quarter fan spin. Already verified all...
  6. brunomotter

    820-00281 Was not Turning On, Now Does Not Turn Off (Gives KP)

    Hi all! First I'm glad I'm now part of this forum. The issue is with an 820-00281 board here. Initially it was not turning on. I figured out that the battery was bad and C4403 was shorted to GND. I replaced that cap and the board turned on without battery. I ordered a new battery and installed...