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    820-00840-a Works well but not recognizing USB devices

    Hello, I have another macbook that had liquid damage that I repaired, it had a short to ground under U2800, as well as a damaged J3300 which I replaced both of making it boot and operate as normal. The only item that does not work properly is that the device will not recognize or show a USB...
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    820-00840-a Pulsing PP5v_s4

    Hello, I have a board that had previous water damage that is pulsing PP5v_s4. I can eliminate the pulsing of PP5v_s4 when I remove R7192, when this resistor is removed I get: PP5v_s4: 5.014v CPUVR_VCC: 1.6v It seems when this resistor is put back into place PP5v_s4 begins pulsing again. I...