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  1. 1centchips

    Applying loan

    I am thinking about expanding my current business of fixing phones, laptops and other electronics. I also offer micro-soldering services. I was thinking about getting a dealership for GoPro Cameras and drones. I have been purchasing inventories on my personal credit cards. I have submitted an...
  2. 1centchips

    Staples TekDry??

    How credible is this new SOPHISTICATED technology?
  3. 1centchips

    Wasted 820 2936 on red wine

    First board over with this extent of corrosion corroded components c6960 c6950 q7055 c7040 f7040 c7030 r7050 u7000 up down right piss components j6955 gone u6500 gone u6700 gone u6880 gone components from l9701 to c7513 corroded green bulg between L7030 j6702 Where should I start...
  4. 1centchips

    Phone testing software

    Is there a phone hardware testing software like Macbook ASD? I have come across phones that just drain batteries at a speedy rate even on standby mode. I recently got an iPhone 5 replaced by ATT which definitely is a refurbished unit that does that ugh...
  5. 1centchips

    Any diagrams for GoPro Hero 3+, 4 black or silver

    I am trying to repair gopro's that are DEAD. They have no water damage or missing components. These all look new. Looking day and night for the schematics but to no avail.