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    820-01814-A chime then restart again

    its start at 0.07 amp go up to 2,45 amp chime and go to 0 amp and restart again . Battery connected . macbook was working on Sardinia - sea air
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    820-00165 not turning on

    green light then red, no battery connected, mainboard take 0.091 A U1950 1-0,06v 2-3,34v 3-0 5-0 6-0 7-0 8-3.44 PPBUS_G3H: 8.6v PP3V42_G3H: 3.45v PP5V_S5: 5.1v PP5V_S0: 5.1v PP3V3_S5: 3.3v PP3V3_S4: 0v PP3V3_S0: 3.3v
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    820-00244 no audio

    macbook start normaly, work normal but in system preferences no audio card C6411,C6421,C6311,C6321 - 5,14V
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    820-01814 wont turn on

    PPBUS_G3H- 0 PPDCIN_G3H-5.2V FB 200,201,3000,3001 WHEN USB connected to one of them they got 5,2 v
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    820-00138-A no display

    on U8300 i got 5v on 1,2,3 leg rest 0v i don't have proper brd because got only for 820-00138 J8300 all legs 0v only leg 3 got 5.04
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    820-00281-10 wifi problem

    wifi is working for few seconds then he lost signal and again its comming back. cant finish the osx instalation whit this problem.
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    820-01814 touch bar problem

    touch bar is display image but touch is not working, i change touch bar but its still not workin propely , still i got image but touch is not working
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    820-00840 not working

    mainboard don't start , it came whit one usb-c working i change connector on mainboard but its the same. usb-c -A take without battery like 5v and 2,3A , second usb on the top of mainboard don't take any power when connected to bad usb on f3000 and f3100 nothing , when good usb i connect i got...
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    820-00164 no charging

    battery in no charging , orange on charger, mac is starting and working but when switched off it takes only 0.027 A J6950 1-0 2-0 3-0 4-0,23v 5-3,43v 6-3,43v 7-8,29v 8-8,29v 9-8,29v u7100 1-0 2-18v 3-4,8v 4-3,4v 5-1,23v 6-0 7-0,9v 8-1,36v 9-0,05v 10-3,43v 11-3,43v 12-3,43v 13-3,43v 14-3,4v...
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    820-4924 water damage

    i clean the board it start working but now even if it is closed (the lcd) when i plug charger it start working , battery is charged .
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    820-3209 no video

    No video , lcb get black but nothing more . F9700 - 1,2 - 8.6 v U9701 3-r9715 - 0,22v 4-r9704- 0v 5-0.05v 6,7-0,02v 8-r9714-0v 9-r9716-0,06v 11-c9710-5,05v 12-r9741-0v 14-r3840- 3,32v 15-r9719- 0,15v 16-5,05v 17-r9755-0v 18-r9753-3,32v 19-r9757-3,32v
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    820-00138 no camera

    Camera not connected in photo booth . camera is connected and its powered J4002 pin 12 5v i check on other camera - and the same
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    820-3437 no backlight

    Q7707 1-0V 2-3,3V 3-0V 4-0V 5-3,3V 6-0V D7701 2 - 8,5V C 8317 1- 18V at start and going down to 8,5V
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    820-3462 no backlight

    I got problem whit ppbus_sw_lcdbklt_pwr i got 12,3v on f9700 Q9706 1-0.02 2-0.02 3-12,2 4-12.6 5-0.02 6-0.02
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    820-00138 Doesn't see internal SSD

    Hello i got problem on my board in area of P3V3_SSD_EN_L. When Q8072 is on place i get ground on this line. is it correct ? got orginal ssd mac didnt find it ,but when i use transcend ssd mac see him... u3740 1- 3,4 2-0,02 3-3,32 4-0 6-3,33 7-0,03 8-0 ssd in