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  1. gir489

    Dealing with Apple's CarPlay bullshit

    So, Apple keeps changing the connectors every 5 seconds and the design paradigm every 5 seconds for CarPlay and this creates a cat-and-mouse game between Apple and head unit developers. I've reported this fucking issue 3 FUCKING TIMES TO THEM! And they refuse to fix it. CarPlay crashes all the...
  2. gir489

    "Getting in shape"

    So recently I decided to become a better person through self improvement. I quit 4chan that I became addicted to after my girlfriend cheated on me and I wanted to hack them and find out things to report them for fraud to the FBI, but I found MUCH worse things that made me want to quit even more...
  3. gir489

    PP = Power Pack G3 = Line name + Line Number HOT = active

    Everyone complains about the jargon Apple uses, but it's all technical term EE nonsense for "THIS GIVES POWER!" You've been screaming that into the camera for years at people, and they still don't get it. I feel sorry for you Louis. You are in an unwinnable situation...
  4. gir489

    Yo! Google marked this as spam!

  5. gir489

    Greetings from Gadget Guru - Owings Mills!

    Hi Louis! You may not remember me, but I tweeted to you from my now purged Twitter account @gir489 a million years ago because you taught me how to buy a laptop that doesn't suck ass for cheap! I bought some ASUS gaming laptop for $1500 at the time (used in the box) and got it shipped to my door...