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  1. spakhnyuk

    no backlight on 820-2936-B

    Working on a 820-2936-B with no backlight. No known liquid damage. F9700 is good. Have 11.09V on and .597 diode mode measurement PPVOUT_SW_LCDBKLT Have 3.2V on P3V3_LCDVDD_SW_F Have 3.3V on PP3V3_S0_LCD_F Any idea why I don't have backlight? Thanks
  2. spakhnyuk

    trackpad connector pin missing on retina board - options? 820-3476-A

    The MacBook was liquid damaged. Everything except the trackpad works after cleaning in ultrasonic. Looks like the connector is missing a pin. What are my options? I see keyboard connectors available for purchase but no trackpad connectors. These melt if you try pulling one from a donor board...
  3. spakhnyuk

    820-3462 not detecting battery

    This board was liquid damaged. Board was cleaned in the Crest ultrasonic. Everything on the board works, in fact the battery will charge, and it will run off the battery, but the battery is not being detected. I have tried a different top case with a known good battery and a different...
  4. spakhnyuk

    820-2936 SMC issues

    I have a 2011 13 inch MacBook Pro here. The MacBook runs super slow and fan runs on high. No knowledge of previous liquid damage, no sign of corrosion anywhere on the board. I heated the SMC to 150C but am still having the same problem. Ran ASD EFI and am getting ERROR - SMC IO failed. Help
  5. spakhnyuk

    820-3437-B keyboard backlight stays on - proximity sensor not getting a reading

    MacBook Air (13-inch,Mid 2013) This MacBook was originally water damaged. I cleaned it and replaced the left I/O board. With the bad left I/O board, the backlight would flash at startup and then turn off and stay off. Replacing the left I/O board solved the backlight issue. Now the keyboard...
  6. spakhnyuk

    820-2936 does not power on (MagSafe LED is green)

    I have a board that suffered a liquid spill 9 months ago. Board did not have any heavy corrosion, was surprisingly clean. When I connect a MagSafe, it lights up green but the board does not power on. It powered on one time after the cleaning...and stayed on. Booted to a folder with the ...
  7. spakhnyuk

    820-3427 MacBook Air (Early 2014) fans spinning on high and power button not working.

    This MacBook was liquid damaged. After cleaning, no components were replaced as everything other than a few keys on the keyboard was working good. I ordered a replacement topcase, and after installation, the power button doesn't work and the fan is running at full speed. I've tested the board...
  8. spakhnyuk

    [solved]RAM slot issues on 820-3115 Mid 2012 A1278

    I have two 820-3115 boards that have RAM slot issues. The bottom slots are bad so the MacBook works with one stick of RAM in the upper slot. When RAM is in the lower slot, it beeps and does not post. What are my options? I'm not sure if this is repairable or if it's just a waste of time...
  9. spakhnyuk

    Let's build a DIY fume extractor

    So let's all agree that the fume extractor prices are outrages. $600 bucks for a box with fans and filters plus another $120 for some hakko color coordinated hose? I'm convinced we can build better fume extractor for a fraction of the cost. mnaty posted some information on a different thread...
  10. spakhnyuk

    Tips for Hakko FM-2027 and FM-2032

    I use a Hakko FX-951 soldering station with a FM-2027 iron and currently only have one tip at the moment...the bent conical T15-J02. I am considering purchasing the FM-2032 micro pencil and the following tips today: Tips for 2027 T15-ILS (conical) or T15-I Tips for 2032 T30-I...
  11. spakhnyuk

    Best place to buy lab grade IPA and distilled water?

    Where do you guys buy lab grade IPA and distilled water?
  12. spakhnyuk

    [solved]820-3115 no video, backlight is working

    I have a board that powers on but the screen remains blank. Backlight is working but there is no video. What is good place to start troubleshooting this issue?
  13. spakhnyuk

    [solved] 820-3115 no backlight after liquid damage

    The board was liquid damaged I wasn't getting voltage at the fuse, replaced U9701 and got voltage. Now it appears the circuit is not being boosted to drive the backlight. I also replaced 0910 I'm getting 14.3V on PPVOUT_SW_LCDBKLT on the LVDS connector but no backlight. I'm guessing there...
  14. spakhnyuk

    820-3476 no backlight after liquid spill

    Having a no backlight issue on a 820-3476 board after liquid spill. No corrosion was present on the board as it was a really recent liquid spill. Cleaned the liquid spill residue, have chime and video signal but no backlight. The fuse is good. I'm getting 0V on PPVOUT_S0_LCDBKLT When I test...
  15. spakhnyuk

    Best flux syringe/needle?

    I got a few syringes of the amtech nc-599-v2 flux from Louis and it works great! What the best way to dispense it? I've seen syringes that come with needles on Amazon but my question is whats the best thing to get to dispense the amtech flux..
  16. spakhnyuk

    Spotty backlight pattern on 820-2936 after liquid damage

    820-2936 was originally liquid damaged. There was corrosion around the LVDS connector. I cleaned the board and swapped the LVDS connector. Backlight works but it seems that not all the LEDs are working. I'm getting a spotty LED backlight pattern (see photos). It's not the display because I tried...