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    820-01987 20V 2.25A won't boot

    Cant find any liquid damage. Removed board and connected charger and on thermal camera U7710 was warm. Found short to ground on PP5VG3S_EDRAMVCC and PP5VG3S_EDRAMPVCC. Replaced U7710, short is gone and got 5.10V on both lines. With battery connected it take 2.25A from charger. With board only...
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    820-00850 20V 0.06A-0.75A loop

    Heavy liquid damage. Client need data only. Melted L8504 and display connected on display side. Liquid damage on J5100, J3300, J6640, C6481 area, U7210, U7410, D3370 area. With battery connected it take up to 2.2A and fans spin for short time on high rpm and then stop. And doing that every 10...
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    820-00170 20V 0A to 1A and reboot

    Lo liquid damage. At first there was 5V and 0.45A from charger. Found U9580 was getting hot and there was no short around that IC. Replaced U9580 and its not getting hot anymore and board switch to 20V and wont boot. PP2V5_NAND_SSD0 got 2.51V. There is 20V on charger and it take up to 1A and...
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    Liquid damage on display connector (on lid, not on logic board). Display cable disconnected and used ext display and there was Apple logo with loading bar but no futher progress. Did "Revive" in DFU mode and now got battery with charging symbol but it restart every few seconds. Using genuine 85W...
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    820-00928 20V wont boot

    Board from another shop with previous repair attempt. L4004 burn out and has been replaced with jumper and PP5V_S0_ALSCAM_F got 0.380V in diode mode. There is some liquid damage around U7370, U7220. There was some work with U7220, U7210/20. Diode mode on big coils is 0.002V-0.004V. Removed...
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    820-01949 20v 0.041A

    Liquid damage on U9000, J3300_CWR Tested with board only. No shorts on big coils. When charger switch from 5V to 20V so first couple of seconds it takes 0.26A-0.31A and then drop to 0.041A and stays at 0.041A. PPBUS_G3H - 12.60V PP3V3_G3H - 3.38V PP5V_S5 - 5.15V PP3V3_S5 - 0V - 0.335V in...
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    820-00426 no backlight

    Small liquid damage on J5250 and R6323. There is no backlight (there is data on LCD). PPVOUT_S0_LCDBKLT = 0V (1.1V in diode mode) PP5VR3V3_SW_LCD = 5V Connected known good display assembly and same issue. Ext display works and internal display is detected in macOS. Replaced J5250, C5250...
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    820-01598 bootloop

    Board have liquid damage around R6900, U6903, Q8401. No chime, trackpad clicks, no caps lock LED. Got 20V on charger and after 15 seconds take 0.15A and reboot. Readings from board only. PPDCIN_G3H = 20V PPBUS_G3H = 12.7V PP3v3_G3H = 3.30V PP1V8_SLPS2R = 1.79V PP1V8_AWAKE = 1.79V...
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    820-00281 19.5V 2.5A won't boot

    Small liquid on C6553 When all connected go 19.5V and 2.5A on charger. No fan spin, no chime, trackpad no clicks. PPBUS_G3H = 12.56V PPBUS_HS_CPU = 12.56V PP3V3_G3H = 3.41V PPBUS_HS_OTH5V = 12.56V PPBUS_HS_OTH3V3 = 12.60V PPBUS_S4_HS_TPAD = 12.60V PP5V_S5 = 5V PP5V_S4 = 0V PP3V3_S5 = 3.32V...
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    820-01987 5V 0A

    Board got liquid damage on U7210 area, C3724, U3701. 5V and 0A from charger. PP3V3_G3H 0V and 0.380V in diode mode. Any idea?
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    820-00850 heavy liquid damage

    Board got liquid damage around U7410/20/30 and J8500. Is there anyway to check if CPU is still fine? Other damaged area is J5100, U3200, UB300. 5V 0A on charger. Found short (0.003V in diode mode) on PPBUS_HS_CPU. Started to remove U7410.. etc one by one and when U7430 was removed short gone...
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    820-00165 fan spin, no chime, no image

    Liquid damage on J6100 area. Light on charger, no fan spin. J6100 removed. 5V S5 was pulsing from 0V up to 5V every second. There was short on PP5V_S4RS3 - C7550 was bad. After that got fan spin, no chime, no image/bkl, USB activity works, caps lock LED off, CPU warm. There was no corrosion...
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    820-00244 5V 0A

    Charger (genuine 87W) was working only on one side of USB C port and there was 5V and sometimes 20V (was charging fine but when connected any USB device was not visible in macOS) but when use other side of charging cable there was nothing on ampmeter. Replaced CD3215 and both side are working...
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    820-00165 no VCORE

    Board had small liquid damaged repair long time ago on backlight circuit (fuse and LED driver has been replaced). No new liquid damage/corrosion visible. Magsafe LED - on Fan spin = yes Chime = no Image = no Backlight = no USB LED = yes Caps Lock LED = no PPBUS_G3H - 8.60V...
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    820-01949 stuck at Apple logo - liquid damage

    After contact with liquid LCD connector on display is melted. LCD connector on logic board in perfect condition. Logic board looks clean. At first stage I disconnected LCD cable and connected external display via USC C and there was Apple logo, progress bar but after w few minutes restarts. Went...
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    820-3787 no fan spin, no S4 state

    Liquid damaged battery PCB and liquid damage around U7100. There was no light at all, replaced U7100 and got light on charger. U7100 resistance: 17/18 - 3.6 Ohm 27/28 - 38.4 Ohm (is too high) PPBUS_G3H was at 4V R7122 had 40 Ohm - replaced and U7100 between 27 and 28 is correct at 20 Ohms buts...
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    820-00165 fan on max rpm

    Cant find any liquid. There was some repair done around R6061 so there was some issue with SSD - tested another SSD and SSD is visible. Fan runs at max RPM immediately after power on. Board + DC board only still same issue so dont think it is linked with trackpad and ASL. Mac is not laggy. In...
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    820-01521 5.21V and 0.267A

    Liquid damage with previous attempt of repair. C7296 missing. Liquid damage around U3200, Q3450, U6400. PPBUS_G3H - 12.4V PPBUS_HS_CPU - 12.3V LDOs around both CD3215 got correct diode mode readings. Any idea where to start?
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    820-00281 no sound - speaker amp IC cracked

    Client tried remove battery with installed logic board and he damaged U6550 (it is cracked). No sound, no audio devices in system settings. Removed that IC and found fried pad 23 but it has still connection with path. Still no audio and not visible audio device in settings. Will try with new IC...
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    820-01700 quarter fan spin?

    Liquid damage around Q5480. Damaged components replaced. Traces are OK, No chime. 20V on charger and it take 2.2A short but fast fan spin and reboot. Trackpad clicks, caps lock LED not working. Any idea?