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    820-00165 not running only with battery

    hi, I just got this device with liquid damage. was running, fan full speed and no akku to see, I cleaned it and replaced the smc after that fan was good and akku to see, communication working but still 8,22V PPBUS_G3H now still replaced U7100 and PPBUS_G3H has now 8.55V, so i2c communication...
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    iMac 27" 2020 update failed

    Hi i got an imac 27" 2020 in with failed update (from catalina to Monterey) turn on yellow screen I started in Transfer Mode and made a backup from the data then started DFU Mode and made a reset, after that i started with alt and "R" and got Catalina installed, normaly running seems all ok I...
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    820-00840 no image/Backlight

    Hi, got this board, looks clean no signs of liquid. no image, no backlight external Display shows image have connected a tested new display, with another mainboard, same flexcable image and backlight is ok. tested already this things: DP_INT_HPD pulse to 3.3V BKLT_EN_R 0V no pulse...
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    820-01061 iMac 2017 4K grafik problem

    hi, got the imac working like it should be but sometimes it has some graphical problems. i didnt found in the forum or anywhere else an issiu like that. so i replaced the mainboard. now, yesterday i got again an imac, same board same problem. so this should be a common issiu, looks like gpu...
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    A1707 no backlight

    Hi, got this A1707 with no backlight, only when open a little bit i can see the display. so I found here in the Rossmann Wiki this by the way the black film it can be more clean and easy removed with fine sandpaper instead of scratching with the knife I tryed that and I have Display now but...
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    iMac pro 2018 DFU reset help needed

    hi, got the imac pro without any sign of life. client told me machine crashes randomly and install from internet ending with error 1008F, but now dont turn on after replacing the power unit the machine turned on but was not possible to install or restore all ends with 1008F so tryed the DFU...
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    A1418 iMac 21.5 2017 4K turn off after start booting

    hi, got this iMac, holding down "Alt" by turning on I can select wich drive. This is not turning off the device after selecting external known good disk I can see the apple and the loading line, after some milimeters from the loading line it turns off completly and start again. RAM I replaced...
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    staingate cleaned with Lysterin

    Hi folks, I cleaned a 13" A1502 with lysterin, display is like new now, after turn on there is now in the corner left side a brighter area, what i did wrong? what can i do, has someone experience with this?
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    820-00850 no kbd no tpad

    hi, i have an intresting case got this macbook pro its turning on and booting until the password screen, cursor is blinking but it is not possible to use the kbd or the tpad. external kbd or mouse not working as well. the client want to copy the ssd data, no idea how i found out that...
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    is it possible to replace topcase from A2337 M1 chip ?

    hi is it possible to replace topcase from A2337 M1 chip without problems? or is it possible that the mainboard dont turn on after that until apple service turn off the blocking?
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    820-00165 camera not working

    got this macbook air as an npo no green/orange light the machine was in other repair place, they took out the ssd and copied the date, gave machine back as repair not possible. my client asked me to chek first if this ist the original board from his machine. so i desoldered the bios chip read...
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    A1398 Battery Service

    I got an A1398 2.8GhZ, 16GB, mid 2014, OSX 10.15.7 with bad Akku After replacing it came back because it shows by clicking on battery symbol "service needed..." I replaced the accu checked, no service symbol and sent back Now i got again with the same problem (1 day later) I dont had password...
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    Touch ID Button 16" 2019 MacBook Pro

    Need some help please. Had to replace the topcase and unfortunately the cable broke off. I tryed to solder that under the microscope but the seems to be a pain in the a... has anyone of you an idea what could i do here ? thanks all
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    A1286 2011 ssd in dvd place dont recognized

    i have a a1286 2011, the mainboard is modified with the Tiresias from Harald the osx is a catalina patched from dosdude the 2. ssd is a 1TB, external via usb no problem, can clean it or copie files on it. if is in the dvd place i can "see" in disk utilities or in finder the SSD, but it is not...
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    A1534 2017 flickering during boot up by pressing a key

    this machine cam in with broken display and problems during using keyboard. no signs for liquid spill. I replaced the display and the topcase. working fine but client send back now because its flickering during boot up in to the user account pressing a key. i thought a cable or topcase problem...
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    820-00164 Fan spin butdont comes up, no dong no display

    820-00164 board dont show a display no dong i have the usb tester A4551 from chipmunk shows 2 red leds but the green one is not do anything BT_PWRRESET_L 3.3V PM_PCH_SYS_PWROK 3.41V PM_PCH_PWROK 3.41 RTC_RESET_L is 3.31V PPVRTC_G3H is 3.33V PCH_CLK32K_RTCX1 has a nice 32.7 puls under infrared...
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    820-3481 iMac 2013 27" no external Display

    device is working good but no external display possible, both ports I can connect the cable but monitor has "no signal" dont found schematic and boardview but i took the 820-3299 seems to be similar. L9400 and L9600 both sides have 3.3V U9610 pin 19/20 3.3V TBTA/BPWRSW_EN is 3.3V TBT_S0_EN...
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    820-01041-A no backlight

    i just work on this machine, no much experience with this model. i can see the picture but no backlight I bought a new display because i thought the problem is the backlight flex cable but same problem so i measured the IPD_LID_OEPN, if closed has 0V if open has 1.8V PP3V3_S0SW_LCD has 3.3V...
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    cant find serial bios dump 820-2850

    hi i replaced the mainboard for a client and i want to enter him the same serial in the bios file. in the 2011 machines its easy to find just looking for "ssn" in the 2010 device i cant find it, is it coded?
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    A1989 Display problem

    Hi, I got this device with liquid damage. Mainboard is cleaned and was not many liquid to see. The display is not working. with another display the machine is working good. The big connector looks pretty good. I found that there is a burned backlight connector. So i soldered a nice...