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    820 00850 Working on Charger only

    Ampere on PSU is fluctuating ..range from 0.350 to0.750 Not working on Battery, While charger is connected Battery shows 40 percent, and charging and when I take the charger plug out MacBook turns off Corrosion on Q7040
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    820-4924A Backlight Issue

    There was a corrosion on LCD pins there is an Image on LCD but no Backlight Can you help me troubleshoot this mother board?
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    820-00165 A, Image with No Backlight Issue

    Please help me troubleshoot the problem F7700 has been Damaged
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    820 00165 A ..... PM_SLP_S5_L missing

    Max Current : 0.30 mA C8170: pin 1= 3.3 V U8170: pin 6= 0V Help me out sir
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    820-01987 A ...... PPBUS_G3H Short

    Help me remove the shorting from the board No signs of Physical Damage or Liquid Damage No history and Board looks clean under the microscope Input Voltage : 5 V F 7000 Pin 2 : 0.50 V & 54 ohm RTG
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    820 02020 A Not Turning ON

    Can you help me find the board view? Current State Voltage : 5 V Current : 100 mA
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    820-2914 board , I am missing LCD BKLT EN, It comes from GMUX U9600

    Could someone help me with what to do next? I am working on 820-2914 board. It’s a MacBook Pro 17” I have display as confirmed bu chipmunk USB tester. I am missing LCD BKLT EN. It comes from GMUX U9600 If it’s not present, anything I can do?
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    820 000165 ALL_SYS_PWRGD Missing

    Board is taking 0.160 mA ALL_SYS_PWRGD : 0.60 mA ===================================== How would I know if its Q8150 or U1950? I want to know how to approach this issue ? I don't want to use hit and trail method I appreciate all your help Sir
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    820 3115B.... NO Image on LCD

    when I plug the power supply, it chimes and there is a light on the screen , but no logo or anything. I'd appreciate your help
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    820 01521 : Unable to erase the MacBook air

    After multiple attempts Every time I click on erase , it is loading back asking for user id password or Iclould. I don't have either. First Type C port: It takes 20 V in but doesn't boot up Second Type C port : It works fine
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    820 00840A .....Stuck at 5V

    Stuck at 5 V 0.30 mA PPBUS_G3H = 4.4V Diode Reading of all LDOs are present U3200 PP3V3_UPC_XB_LDO =Present 0.485 PP1V8_UPC_XB_LDOA =Present 0.502 PP1V8_UPC_XB_LDOD =Present 0.465 PP1V1_UPC_XB_LDO_BMC...
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    820 00165A .... 5v Missing

    Can anyone help me out with the 820 00165A? 5V Missing P5VS4RS3_EN_R fluctuating