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  1. Djsp

    820-3115 B green light no fan spin

    Hello I have a 820-3115-b with green light no fan spin ppbus_g3 12.55, from which I don't get PP5V_s3
  2. Djsp

    820-2838 no audio

    Hi in this card I encountered a strange problem, as OS X audio output gives me the headphone jack alone, I don't understand what the problem is and where to start, I just did the pram reset
  3. Djsp

    A1369 RAM issues

    I have a problem with this card, it presents the classic problem of graphic artifacts due to ram, I reballed much of the ram but I just mitigated the problem after about half an hour of operation under stress, the artifacts reappear, how can I check the memories and figure out which one fails?
  4. Djsp

    820-3115 B no lcd

    The board suffered liquid damage mainly on PPVOUT_SW_LCDBKLT, which corroded the tracks and also the pins of the lvds cable I replaced the lvds connector and used a 2010 model cable but on PPVOUT_SW_LCDBKLT I get 24 V only the led on the back but LCD does not display anything even the white...
  5. Djsp

    A1502 of 2015 lcd

    How can you save money by replacing a retina lcd of a 2015 a1502
  6. Djsp

    820-00138 no power no green light

    Hi, i don't get the precise green light that the Magsafe is not original this is what i have: L7095 3.43V L7130 12.25V L7195 5.50V L3095 0V L7720 0V L7710 0V L7520 0V L7630 0V L7430 0V L7310 0V L7320 0V L7330 0V
  7. Djsp

    A1369 It doesn't just turn on green light

    I found one that equals 820-3023 A but has a low insulation on L7330, as you advise me to proceed
  8. Djsp

    820-3023-A No Power not charge

    Hello PP_3v42_G3H ok PPBUS_G3H ok I have examined the power supply circuit of the 5v and the 3v3 starting from C9487 up to U7101 and pin 25. in both I find the voltage unstable, can the defect be Q7260?
  9. Djsp

    820-2877 Liquid Damage

    Hi i am practice on an old board a 820-2877-b, with damage from liquid, the board goes to S0, but no fan spin PP5V_S0 = OK PP3V3_S0 = OK PP1V8_S0 = 0K PP1V5_S0 = OK CPUVCORE = 0 ONLY WITH RESET SMC STARTS
  10. Djsp

    Test MCP

    Hello I would like to know if there is a good method of testing the functioning of the MCP
  11. Djsp

    820-2877-B no Trackpad, yes click no PP18V5_S3

    Hi, trackpad does not reproduce movements only the click, I measured U5805 I do not get PP18V5_S3, but I do not even get Z2_BOOST_EN
  12. Djsp

    Macbook unibody A1342

    Hello I would like to replace the keyboard with this basic macbook that has English layout, I found the na con Italian layout, I have to reprogram SPI ROM
  13. Djsp

    MacBook Air 820-2855 A

    Hi, I'm learning how to repair the macbooks, I'm working on a macbook air A1370, card 820-2855 A, the cold machine starts normally, at some point, has video artefacts, and then 3 beeps, I don't seem to recognise the twig, I don't know how to do it, because