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  1. Micheal Harris

    820-3330 missing pm_slp_s4_l

    water damaged board, no major corrosion, ran it through the ultrasonic anyway. First problem with this board was g3h was 1.8V due to q7530 being shorted, after replacing it, g3h is now 12.6 as it should be. Now i keep going in circles trying to trace down pm_slp_s4_l, i think i have it down to...
  2. Micheal Harris

    820-2936 burned q7100

    No signs of water damage at all. q7100 burned and ruined the traces under it, so after scraping away the damage and making sure nothing was shorted, i soldered a new one upside-down stuck to L7100, and the fan spins!, until the new q7100 gets hot enough to melt the solder on it within a few...
  3. Micheal Harris

    820-3462 Running Slow

    water damaged, works after cleaning but runs slow, fan stays at normal speed, ASD fails TIM test, something about heatsink not properly attached, can't find any obvious damage to the board, I'm lost as where to go from here. picture of ASD Failure here...