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  1. Antonio

    820-2915-B: CPU fan always on high (and some other issue)

    Customer came in with a 15 inch 2011 pro last week that he somehow ripped the fan connectors off of the board on. The GPU fan connector came off in a way that the pads were safe, so that one was a pretty simple process to solder back in place. The CPU fan on the other hand... Two of the pads...
  2. Antonio

    820-3115-B - Need to hold down power button to turn on

    First post on this forum, so excuse me if I leave something important out. Checked a bunch of other posts and didn't see anything related to this, so.... I have a mid 2012 board that only turns on if you hold the power button down. I'll get a small fan spin from a click, but in order to get it...