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    820-00840 CPU MCA Error

    Hey, A1708 820-00840, machine boots most of the time flawless, sometimes it takes some minutes to wake up. When it takes some time, theres an error reported, find attached. This machine gets pretty warm, in repair wiki i cant find a specific example as its not "random crashing". Inspected the...
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    820-00923 NAND missing

    Hey, 820-00923 A1706 with missing SSD. PP3V3_S5_SSD is 0,785V. Just wanted to measure around Piccolo Current Sense and - everything's missing. Just to be sure, there should be U5920, R5920, R5925, C5920? Also looks like U5910 is missing... Do i have bad schematics or is this real?
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    A2141 Screen flickering

    Hey, i just swaped an i9 logic board (donor MBP, drop damage) to a other case/screen. Everyting works but the screen began to flicker, on the right side its a grey bar but you can still see the desktop. So bascially i thought its a dead screen, but one time after a SMC / PRAM reset the screen...
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    820-00281 shorted battery?

    Hey there. 2017 A1707 with dead display and battery. USB charger first showed pulsing 5V - 16V in loop. After disconnecting the battery macbook booted, display is obviously dead (flexgate) but external worked. When reconnecting the battery, USB charger begins to loop again. Found a burnt USB-C...
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    820-01700 PP2V5_NAND_SSD1 0,06V

    Hey, first post here. Macbook A2141 with slight liquid spill (some red wine) no power, 20V 0.200A on the USB Charger. DFU revive doesn't work and ends with AMRestoreErrorDomain – 0x6 Spill is around U9080. PPBUS_G3H_SSD1_SNS 12.66V PP2V5_NAND_SSD1 0.06V SSD1_VR_P2V5_PGOOD 0.06V...