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    820-02020 searching for UC710 SN621371

    I am looking for a replacement ic for UC710 SN621371 VQFN. I can't find any Datasheet for SN621371 VQFN to search for a replacement ic. I found TPS621351RGXT which seems to be similar, but without Datasheet of SN621371 its not possible to compare.
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    820-00840-A naked board shows battery low symbol

    The first time i was working on this board it had kernel panic issues and was always rebooting. It was an apple refurbished board in bad condition. There was a long screw in a short hole on the left side of J8500 and the right side of J6600. The BIOS U6100 had a short to GND at pin8. I changed...
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    820-00165-A PPBUS_G3H with Battery low

    I'm working on a 820-00165-A. Without battery PPBUS_G3H is 8.56V. With battery (no charger) PPBUS_G3H is 7.23V With battery and charger PPBUS_G3H is 7.20V climbing slowly up to 8.14V (maybe more after long time) The machine is booting with and without battery. The battery is charging, Do you...
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    820-00840-A 20V 485mA braindead?

    I'm working on a 820-00840-A that had a lot of water damage. Description from customer "no more reaction. Water damage - the device was for a short time submerged in water". After fixing all the damaged areas finally PP3V3_S0 was missing. I changed U7650 to fix this. The board have 20V and uses...
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    820-01521-A no internal speaker-output - SPKRAMP_RESET_L shorted in T2

    This MB had a liquid damage at the audio-board and did get a new Audio board and flex cable. But there is no output at the internal speakers. Output headphone is ok. SPKRAMP_RESET_L = low, diodemode is 0,512 SPKRAMP_RESET_L = low, diodemode is 0,002 I removed U6400, C6103 and the flexcabel to...
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    820-00875 are C8503 and C8504 important?

    I have a 820-00875 with a burned hole under the caps C8503 and C8504. I fixed this and the board is running. Only these two caps are still missing. Can I leave out the capacitors or are they important? The pads of PPVOUT_S0_LCDBKLT are completely gone.
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    820-02016-A boots always in Startup Options

    I'm working on a 820-02016-A. The machine had a liquid damage. We renewed the Audioboard with Flexcable and the Trackpad with Flexcable. The board 820-02288-A (keyboard-controller?) had also liquid signs. The logicboard had no liquid damage and looks like new. The problem ist, that even the...
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    820-00840-A FaceTime error "no video"

    I fixed this board (liquid damage). At the final test FaceTime shows this error message (translation from german): "No Video - FaceTime couldn't get a videosignal from the connected camera. Maybe a restart can fix the problem." The ALS is working. Same behavior with two displays. The camera LED...
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    820-01700-A DB549 Pad is gone

    I got a 820-01700-A in on which the diode DB549 and the solder pad of Pin2 are missing. I have problems reconstructing the solder pad. I can't put a wire bridge anywhere because the line goes directly to UB400 Pin81. How important is this diode? Can the diode be left out?
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    820-02020-11 touchbar only shows green vertical stripes

    I refurbish a 820-02020-11 which had a bad liquid damage. I'm short before to finish it. My last problem (i hope so) is the touchbar - it only shows green vertical stripes (see picture attached). Unfortunately I don't have a known good touchbar. So i tested the board with three different...
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    820-00165 boots once and then gets stuck at 223mA

    I'm working on a 820-00165-A that came in with water damage. After fixing this the board now behaves as follows: It starts normally when booting for the first time. After that it always gets stuck at approx. 223mA. If it has been off for a while, it starts up again normally for one boot process...
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    820-01700-A 5V 297mA

    I need help with a 820-01700-A. It came with liquid damage and one completely dead usb-c port. Three usb-c ports was working with 20v and booting into the login mask. I fixed the liquid damage areas on the board. The most liquid damage was around UB300, UB400, UB700, QB701, LB700, R8601, C9081...
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    820-01041-A no picture

    I'm working on a 820-01041-A with no picture. I found liquid damage on a view areas of the logicboard and on the board of the display. The flex-connector on the display-board (TConn) and the flexcable was damaged/scorched on the left and right side. I changed the connector and the flex. The...
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    820-00239-A no ssd (question mark folder)

    Apple gave the customer the diagnose that the ssd is dead - logicboard must be changed. I can't find any liquide damage. The board brings the question mark folder. The hall-sensor on the right side was gone - i put a donor part on it. R8604 looked like somebody did some work on it. so i...
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    820-00840-A no backlight

    This board came with water damage arround Q8400 and no backlight. Picture is present and it boots into the login-screen. The board was in terrible condition. I think it was a refurbished board from apple. the customer promised me that he bought an refurbished macbook and there was no repair...
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    Are holes in the underfill always a sign of damage?

    A general question: Are holes in the underfill (see pictures) always a sign of damage? Or do such holes also arise during the manufacturing process of circuit boards?
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    820-00850-A error at every first boot

    I'm working on a 820-00850-A from a A1989 with liquid damage. I have a question about booting the naked logicboard (only charger with ext.HDMI) At every first boot it comes this error-message: "Your computer restarted because of a problem. Press any Key or wait a few seconds to continue."...
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    820-01598-06 U7270 gets hot

    I'm working on a 820-01598-06 that had liquid damage around U7270 and U7210 and was stacking at 5V. Liquid damage is cleaned. PPBUS_G3H had a short to ground with 13.7Ohm. The same value i measured at L7270. So i changed U7270 and the Short was gone and i have 20V on the charger. The problem now...
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    820-4924-A Power-Button no function, button on R5116 works

    Hello, i'm working on a 820-4924-A. It came in with 3 damaged/exploded Caps on the Daughterboard/Audioboard. The heat was burning a hole in the keyboard-backlight-sheet near the power-button. I changed the daughterboard an flex - the machine is running. Only the power-button don't work. A test...
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    820-01598-A DFU/RECOVERY

    I'm working on a 820-01598-A which came with liquid damage - primary as a data recovery job. I cleaned the liquid damaged areas. The logicboard pulses 63-64mA. C6404 Pin2 is completely gone so i took the cap away - i think it's not necessary for data recovery? The board shows no reaction. Here...