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  1. nininunz

    820-01700 no power, cycles between 5v and 19v

    Haven't had the chance to inspect yet. About to pull it out now. Only the second A2141 board I've worked on so not familiar with common problems. Figured I'd ask if this is indicative of anything specific. But it just jumps from 5v to 19v for a few seconds then the meter goes blank like it was...
  2. nininunz

    820-01700 no backlight + other issues

    Ok so this board has been thru hell :/ Had water damage. Fixed water damage and it worked perfectly. Was putting back in top case and there was a bee in my room and I kinda maybe might have thrown the board at the bee :p and surprisingly everything still worked perfectly except the backlight. I...
  3. nininunz

    820-00850 no audio

    This one was shelved a few months ago so not exactly sure what I've tried. It's one of my boards, not a customer so it hasn't been a priority. But basically it just has no audio. Well actually the internal speakers do work for a few seconds after boot, usually like 10 seconds into a YouTube...