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    820-02098 Water Damage, Charger Stuck 5V 0.2A Draw

    Looks like CDZV6.8B if you search 02100 schematic. Retract that- more like DZF687 Pic attached of marking, more on board like this.
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    Quick 861DW replacement parts..?

    Thanks for the tip. The superglue worked well as of now, I weighed the cost of a heating element and new fan and decided to just get another Quick.
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    Quick 861DW replacement parts..?

    Has anyone figured out a replacement blower fan other than OE for the Quick? Mine started growling today and so I took it apart and the impeller is cheapo plastic. It cracked from the center outward to end of impeller and is vibrating. I have a super glue fix awaiting curing,but would like to...