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  1. Soji

    820-4924 high fan spin

    There is green light and turns to amber The fan spins very fast and the CPU is not getting hot PPBUS_G3H=12.61 PP3V42_G3H=3.420 PPVRTC_G3_OUT=3.2 PP5V_S5=5.0
  2. Soji

    820-01700 dead

    Hello, The board came in dead and there is a short on PPBUS_G3H I found the short on UA900 I replaced it from a donor board short gone System chimes with touch bar working but no display HELP!!!
  3. Soji

    820-01326-05 not coming up

    The board is drawing 20v All voltages are present Except PP2V5_NAND_SSD1 that reads 3.6v instead of 2.5 PP2V5_NAND_SSD0 is 2.5v. PP2V5_NAND_SSD1 is 3.6v.
  4. Soji

    820-00165 no screen backlight

    Measurement with known good screen PPVIN_S0_LCDBKLT_FET- 8.58v PP5V_S0 on u7701 is present PP3v3_s0 on u7701 is present SMBUS_PCH_CLK IS 3.3v SMBUS_PCH_DATA IS 3.4v PPVIN_s0sw_LCDBKLT IS 5v EDP_BKLT_PWM IS 3v Measure all the resistor around backlight ic with a known good one, they are all...
  5. Soji

    820-4924 came dead

    It came with not green light on MagSafe PPBUS_G3H-12.25 instead of 12.59 PP5v_s5 is not present. PP3v42_G3h is present PP1v2_s5_smc_vddc is present. so I decided to change smc, The amber light came Then ppbus_g3h now got partially shorted. d7005 stated heating up. I removed it d7005 The...
  6. Soji

    820-01958-A not coming up

    The board came in dead, no corrosion The ammeter shows 5v and restarts PPBUS_G3H=12.32 but pulsing PP3V3_G3H=3.3v pulsing also PP5V_g3s=not present PP1V8_G3S is short sometimes it's not I replaced Q8270 after I found out its getting hot on thermal camera still the ammeter shows 5v and restart
  7. Soji

    820-01814-01 dead amp meter flashing light

    The board came in dead, ammeter flashes light every 2sec,no display on ammeter. No shot on pp20v_usbc_xa_vbus
  8. Soji

    820-01700-A no display after DFU restore

    System draws 20v with 1.625A track pad bounces i tried DFU and it restore successfully but the system doesn't come up Help!
  9. Soji

    820-4924-A beeping 3 times. Like a ram issue.

    Thermal inspection The processor is greeting hot with a beep sound 3 times. I flow the ram chips, still same thing.
  10. Soji

    820-01987 Not detecting battery after changing keyboard

    System was detecting battery before Keyboard was changed, after keyboard was changed, it won’t detect battery, system will come on with charger plugged, but without charger, there’s haptic feedback, the PPBUS voltage is 11.56V instead of 12.6V, but system won’t come on… Immediately charger is...
  11. Soji

    Liquid spill(coke) 820-00840-A not detecting SSD

    Board came with coke spill and ssd will work intermittently, we decided to thoroughly clean the board, it displayed and worked for some while then after it stopped working and displayed only folder, since then it has been permanently stuck displaying only folder. Checked ssd voltages L8600 had...
  12. Soji

    820-00239. Not working with battery

    The board came in dead Detected a partial shot on ppbus_3gh Found that u8050 is getting hot, I replaced it. PPBUS_G3H-present It’s drawing 20v and it’s booting well without battery After connecting j6950 flex battery flex , the system will start to draw 5v and the TypeC c ammeter will be...
  13. Soji

    820-01521 not drawing 20v

    Found short on pp3v3_G3H. Cleared the shot , still 5v no current. pp3v3_G3H is present PP3v3_G3H_RTC is present PP1v8_UPC_XA_LDOA is present PP3v3_UPC_XA_LDO is present PP20v_USBC_XA_VBUS is 5v No PPBUS_G3H Pls help
  14. Soji

    820-00281-A not drawing 20v no ppbus_G3H

    U3100 is getting warmer, drawing 5v I replace it. all the 4ports are drawing 5v, ammeter is restarting after 3 sec on all ports now No PPBUS_G3H PP3V3_G3H is present PP1V8_UPC_XA_LDOS IS present PP3V3_UPC_XA_LDO IS present. have also replace u7000 Have checked all resistor around u7000
  15. Soji

    820-01959 no sound from MB speaker

    The laptop came in dead and the sound card connector with connecting flex cable is burnt. So I used another macbook body to restore this particular board of this MB. the restore was successful, I now transfer the board back to its own body. Now the sound is not coming from MB speaker. But wired...
  16. Soji

    820-00165-A Missing PM_SLP_S4_L

    board came in dead, Board was missing PP5V_S4RS3, PM_SLP_S4 was not present. Triggered SMC_ONOFF_L, had Pulse on PM_SLP_S4_L, PM_PWRBTN_L went low, U1950/3 there was no pulse, U1950/5,7 there was pulse on it. I will need some further help here sir….
  17. Soji

    2015 MacBook Pro A1398 no display

    The MB display only after PRAM reset. Normal shutdown after few second wount display after power bottom. Until I do PRAM before it displays
  18. Soji

    820-00165-A dead board

    board came in dead, I’ve Amber light on charger, I’ve complete voltage of the power aliases, no fan spin, PP5V_S4RS3 PP5_S0 PP3V_S5 PP3V_S4 PP3V3_SUS PP3V3_S3 PP3V3_S0 PP1V8_S3 PP1V2_S2 PP1V05_SUS PP1V5_S0 PP1V05_S0 PP1V05_S0SW_PCH_HSIO All this rails are all present on the board
  19. Soji

    820-02020 drawing 20v but not charging battery

    The board came in not drawing 5v. Ammeter is not coming up I detected a shot on PPVBUS_USBC0 I replaced DF622 and DF602 It’s now drawing 20v, it’s booting to password screen. But is not drawing charging current. the amp meter restarts in 20v sometimes but now every time.
  20. Soji

    820-02016 not drawing 20v

    water damaged with some corrosions I replace R5222,R5221 and R5262,R5261 UF400 and UF500 Now the amp meter restarts with 5v, but one of the ports restart more sporadic than the other. The first ports draws 5v 0.0187A after 10s it goes to 0.00A and restart. The second port restarts after 3...