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    A1708 820-00840 keyboard not working after trying a bad FAN

    The fan was making a noise, Replaced with an old one, I think the replaced fan had an internal short, I immediately removed the bad FAN, Replaced it with a new one... Now the keyboard is not working anymore... Rest all fine... PP3V3_G3H_KBD - 3.4 11V PP5V_S0_KBD - 5.1 V PP3V3_S4_KBD - 3.3V
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    MacBook Pro A1502 - 2015 keyboard and touch pad not working after battery replacement

    Keyboard and touchpad not working after battery replacement ☹️.
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    A1708 - "No camera Available " After Display change

    I have replaced the Display assembly with a new one and now the client complains that the "CAMERA NOT AVAILABLE " error when he opens the Facetime, What could be wrong?
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    A1398 , Problem while loading OS update error - “An error occurred loading the update “ Consistently failing OS update, I have tried with high speed internet Tried with new ssd
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    820-00165A backlight issue

    Image is present, O/P voltage is very inconsistent (I mean fluctuating between 25 and 8.5V) Indeed the backlight also fluctuates, It's not staying a long time for more than 25V.
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    A1706/A1708 flex gate issue

    Is there a way we can identify looking at the pictures which cable is bad on the display assembly? Sometimes I get the usual backlight cable damage, Physically visible, Then I normally change the cable (I mean patch another cable with the existing cable). Sometimes I don't see any physical...
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    A1502 - LCD Not turning lighting UP

    I have strongly believed it's a problem with lvds cable, I have changed the cable ..oooopzzz... NO luck. Checked with a good known LCD - Yes its working. What would be wrong with this LCD ?
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    820-00923-A Internal display not working, Booting , But no chime sound

    Working fine with an external monitor, Internal display is not detecting, Tried connecting another internal display but still no back light or image. History - Coffee spilled Found corrosion on display connector (Not on logic board but on display board). Cleaned it up , Still no change
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    820-00239 a1706 -2016 A1706 (EMC 3071) NOT DETECTING FLASH

    History:- I got this unit with key board not working and same time extremely slow... External keyboard was working, System was slow even after disconnecting J4500. It was taking too much time to boot. 1) I have tried to clean ME using medusa... That didn't solve the problem 2) I had some...
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    A1398 late 2013 random shutdown with black screen

    Log attached:- Is it FDMF 6808 issue or something else...
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    A1466 no backlight , Image is present

    I have 8.5V o/p, Seems like boosting is not occurring, Changed the driver IC, The feedback is proper (Checked the continuity from D7701 second pin to A5). I have 2.8V BKL_EN . I am ....STUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.........................
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    820-00138 -A Not powering ON

    I am trying to track the voltages, Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right board view file, There are many on the internet, But those are not matching with my Board, I don't know why. Could someone help me? However, here is the voltages on different inductors (I hope the refdes should not be...
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    A1707 - EMC3162 No chime, No display

    It's not starting up, But the fan is running, No chime, No display, or No backlight Could someone please help me with the schematic and board view?
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    A1989 EMC3214, No display backlight

    The user said that the system was working fine and suddenly one day its backlight was missing. I can see the laptop has been already opened by someone. Even the display assembly also opened. I have an A1706 display spare for testing, Will it work?. I don't have an A1989 working display to...
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    flex gate cable issue a1706 and a1708

    Hi , I have two laptops with display flex gate issues, It behaves weirdly in particular lid angles. I have found some youtube videos people are extending the cable using additional flex cable. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy this cable for extension?
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    A1706 emc3163 touch bar not working after display replacement.

    Hi, I have replaced the display panel, Not the full display assembly but just the panel alone, I don't know the reason. The board boots perfectly, It passes the diagnostic test without any error. But the touch panel is not glowing. Some history:- While removing the display I have disturbed...
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    A1466 No back light

    I had 8.5V at the boost circuit output, I have changed the backlight driver and wired the missing feedback line. When I connect the feedback wire input fuse is failing, Not sure why. I don't see any short at output
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    MacBook pro A1398 early 2013 display flickering

    Please find the attached video link, I don't know why it is flickering intermediately. Did anybody faced this issue ? I have checked with external screen but I can't see flickering in the external monitor but the internal one is flickering...
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    A1398 - 820-3787A - no P5VS4_EN 23mA current consumption

    Board is not powering ON, PPBUS, PP5V_S5, and PP3V3_S5 are present. PP5V_S4 and P5VS4_EN are not present. I have bypassed the SMC. I could see the fan running at high speed for few seconds and repeating. And the PP5V_S4 is also present. Can I know how can I proceed? Br Manu
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    A502 - 2014 display moving stripes

    Please find attached picture , there are moving stripes vertically and horizontally on the screen. I have replaced the motherboard and display LVDS cable , still the issue exist, it's not always but sometimes. The last thing remaining to change is the full display, do you guys think it's...