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  1. jessa

    iPhone 6 weird no touch issue

    That is a classic presentation of touch disease on an iPhone 6. In the 6, touch disease is about 10-fold less common than on the iPhone 6plus and it is not associated with the gray bars and M1 separation that defines the fault in the 6plus. For the iPhone 6, the fault is less clear, but can be...
  2. jessa

    6s no image

    "Jumped 1.8 to that" why? Always be eliminating variables NOT ADDING THEM! Sending 1.8v into the CPU when you have no evidence that there is anything wrong with that line is a GREAT WAY TO RUIN SOMEONE'S MEMORIES. I have no tolerance for that. Time for you to learn how to troubleshoot image...
  3. jessa

    iPhone 6S won't charge, detects cable.

    ok, so the fault is "fake charging" with a known good charged battery, other variables eliminated. Let's start there. You've replaced tristar and then later tigris. My advice would be to replace tristar again. A bad tigris can sometimes kill a tristar. This is a pretty common fault so the...
  4. jessa

    iPhone 6+ VCC main short

    WIthout the history of the device and physical presentation no one can help you solve this.
  5. jessa

    iPhone 6s no image, no backlight, no sound. Recognised by iTunes

    Here's a question for you. Is there any chance in hell that an iPhone 6s can show image with FL4205 ripped off the board? Follow up question: where should you start?
  6. jessa

    iPhone 5S - Issues after Tristar replacement

    Did you overheat bb_cpu on opposite side of the board? Pull shield and check for signs of heat. Also check to see if you have lost little peckers near dock from not pulling the sticker before putting heat on the board. And use known good dock not original dock from the phone. Boot off D.C...
  7. jessa

    iPhone 6S won't charge, detects cable.

    Post what happens with good batteries--i.e. Charged batteries. Right now the fact that all your data posted is about dead batteries below 0% is a variable. if your troubleshooting "can this phone charge" then you need to give it a battery that is not dead. if you are saying "this phone pulls...
  8. jessa

    ipad mini 4 battery problem

    Where is the other half of the gas gauge? Hint--half is on the board.
  9. jessa

    iphone 5s - water damage - red screen on boot - restart

    Get rid of any data lines going to prox/als sensor, and remove compass ic. Attempt update but Likelihood of data is low.
  10. jessa

    ipad mini 1 not charging battery

    Check for 3v3_OUT short on C8120
  11. jessa

    Lead Toxicity - What Are the Physiologic Effects of Lead Exposure?

    Yes you are 100% safe from airborne lead poisoning through use of fume extractors. This is largely because the route of lead into your body is through eating and drinking or dermal contact with lead. Lead itself will not vaporizes until it reaches well over 1000C. Rosin toxicity is completely...
  12. jessa

    ipad mini 4 battery problem

    Learn everything you can about battery gas gauges. I'll give you a hint: BATT_SWI
  13. jessa

    iPhone 6S won't charge, detects cable.

    You'll save yourself a lot of trouble if you ditch the bad battery and use a good one that has some charge in it.
  14. jessa


    Yes. Stop reballing chips. This is almost always a waste of time and introduces a variable into your troubleshooting making the entire process 2x more complex.
  15. jessa

    [SOLVED]iPhone 6s no image

    Use your brain. You are troubleshooting image. Where does image have to end up? At the connector. Stare at the connector on the schematic and figure out what lines are most likely related to image as opposed to the other functions routed through the 6s lcd/digitizer connector. Of the ones...
  16. jessa

    iphone 6s goes from approx 99% batttery to dead, then will turn on, then dead again

    Use your brain. How does tristar fail? Does it fail because someone drops the phone? Or does it fail because of electrical damage from unprotected charger voltage. Now tell me why "reflowing tristar" is a dumb thing to do here.
  17. jessa

    ipad mini 1 not charging battery

    differentiate not charging from not booting. figure out what kind of overall problem you're troubleshooting before focusing on tiny details.
  18. jessa

    [SOLVED]820-3115 logic board

    Wondering why is great. Now translate that into a test. Consider each thing that plugs into the board a variable. How can you figure out WHICH variable is the one that is the problem? Remember what I always say "You don't have a board problem until you KNOW you DON'T have a parts problem."
  19. jessa

    [SOLVED]820-3115 logic board

    How can we eliminate variables to simplify the problem? Question: Will a normal 820-3115 board by itself, out of any housing, make the fan spin and the speaker chime?