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  1. larossmann

    apology for downtime

    the server/forum software has been giving me issues during the same 1-2 hour period that one of my best friends had a heart attack and is in the hospital. i just fixed it, I think, for now. if it goes down again, my sincerest apologies, join and talk in #mac-repair -...
  2. larossmann

    What would YOU find valuable in an industry trade association?

    We don't really have a board repair/device repair industry trade association. Let's say we did. What would be necessary for it to be valuable to you? What should it provide?
  3. larossmann

    What happened?

    I couldn't import that from vbulletin. It took me about 5 hours of setting up to get that, and I couldn't import it. :( I do want to bring it back at some point. The real issue was how incomplete it was, and also that Vimeo told me I just hit my storage limit. I have about 1000 videos I need to...
  4. larossmann

    I'm not able to perform any search in the forum.

    I see it right there next to my login name. Worst case scenario, and do PM_SLP_S4_L 820-3536
  5. larossmann

    A1398 2013-2014 LCD Replacement Parts. Any good reputable suppliers?

    I have not been able to buy that since 2015. I stocked up on 300 of them and used them all up a long time ago. Now you are pretty much stuck looking for used assemblies. Always remember to make sure your customer knows why you are limited in your options to help them, how the manufacturer uses...
  6. larossmann

    Cancelling Sub

    I am going to be adding buttons for this to make it more obvious over the next few days,work has been busy & slammed. You click your name in the upper right, then click account upgrades and cancel from there. The issue is that even though it successfully cancels it returns a dumb error that I'd...
  7. larossmann

    New signups troubleshooting - how to sign up to post, resolving issues, etc.

    Welcome to the new forum! :) Over the past five months, dealing with vbulletin/paypal has been a nightmare. The payment method between vbulletin/PayPal wasn't working - the IPN was trying to refer to an incorrect URL. vBulletin was passing the wrong information to Paypal. As a result, it seems...
  8. larossmann

    My apologies for the downtime!

    I am very sorry the migration led to downtime. Unfortunately it had to be done. vbulletin had been messing with subscriptions for a while and even with patching the old forum was hacked into twice. I've been going back and forth with them since December and there is zero support from them, even...
  9. larossmann

    Toxicity of 0201 resistors and amtech flux

    Are you still around?
  10. larossmann

    How much to charge as a flat rate

    What part of Chicago? I think somewhere between $250-$425 depending on model is fine. there are people doing it for $79-$110 but for the most part that seems to scream of a lack of reputation, or just senseless devaluing of the craft for newer devices, especially complex board issues. In an...
  11. larossmann

    vbulletin migration

    Migration is all done, my apologies for some posts disappearing. It had to be done with the site being hacked every other day. This is hosted & maintained by vbulletin themselves, so downtime should be gone for good. Thanks for understanding!
  12. larossmann

    vbulletin migration

    Due to the CBC piece & youtube popularity, people are trying to hack the site constantly. I am switching every site to separate hosts and vbulletin to vbulletin cloud w/ phone support, so now there will be a team of people ensuring that the site never goes down. There may be a little...
  13. larossmann

    820-3332 GPU IG0R Sensor Error

    What does R5410/U5410/R5413 area look like? I am guessing C5413 leaking and pulling the value down. Duke is on vacation and I got a concussion so replies will be slow for a while until he comes back or my dizziness/constant headache goes away.
  14. larossmann

    820-4924 No PM_SLP_S4_L

    These are pulled up by a 5v power line with two pullup resistors, so 3.7v is a bit on the low side. what about without screen?
  15. larossmann

    820-2530 no display

    What is on pin 44 of U7400?
  16. larossmann

    820-3332 Graphics issue rabbithole

    at that point you have changed just about everything, I don't see why the CPU wouldn't be next on the list. can it boot into a windows OS or ubuntu?
  17. larossmann

    macbook air 13 2017 working very slow when battery get below 75%

    which battery? A1377 or A1496? Does it have any funny sensor readings if you use hwmonitor ?
  18. larossmann

    MUX not sendng BKLT PWM

    If SMC_LID is 3.4v, and you resetting PRAM doesn't fix it, you have two choices. 1) Replace the mux on a board that will be back with a dead GPU in 1 month, when they will ask for warranty on your "failed logic board repair" that you can't provide. Make no money, deal with raging customer. 1...
  19. larossmann

    mac book air with green light and amber light after but wont turn on

    My only guess is you are plugging the cable in upside down.