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  1. arnonabuurs


    Hi I have an 820-00850 with liquid damage. Display connector is a bit burned< i assume thats 25v into the CPU. Is there a way to test the CPU and I can make sure it's dead? What resistance to ground should I measure?
  2. arnonabuurs

    Macbook Pro Retina 820-3787 black screen, then white

    Hi Guys, I have a 820-3787, black display and I cannot find the issue all voltage seems there. Found some resistor off value near U7701, I replace the R and also U7701. After that, backlight on but I get a complete white display. All LED returns have correct value all voltages present 3.3v and...
  3. arnonabuurs

    820-00850 short on PPBUS

    Hi guys, this 820-00850 has no liquid spil and 0V and shorted on PPBUS. I put 1v in PPBUS line but nothing heats up. Before ramping up the voltage, how you usually look for shorts on these? I believe if I put to much power in I can short the CPU? Edit see attached image found this, looks like a...
  4. arnonabuurs

    820-00165 Backlight not turning off when close lid

    Hi guys I have a liquid damaged 820-00165 of which is fixed the ffedback trace in backlight circuit. Works fine now. However, when I close the lid, the apple logo still lights up. Seems the sensor is not working, where is it located?
  5. arnonabuurs

    820-00850 no 20v

    Hi guys I have an 820-00850 that just stopped working. Board looks super clean no signs of liquid damage. I have 5.14v and 0.06A on charger. PPBUS is 12.26v (thought it should be 13.01v?) and 3.3v on the CD3215C.his low voltage on PPBUS indicate SMC issue same as with older boards?
  6. arnonabuurs

    820-3332 PPBUS 4v

    Hi Guys, customer came with this one 820-3332 not charging the battery. Green and orange light and shows charging but under system settings it says no charge. Tried a new battery same issue. Measured all resistor around U7000 all seems OK. Resistance between pin 17-18 3.8ohm and between 27-28...
  7. arnonabuurs

    820-00239 liquid damage

    Hi, i have a 00239 that had a small liquid spil near the display. Some liquid near the connector, but after wiping it looks clean no burned pins on the connector. Mac boots with external display, but does not output to the LCD. I have tried a working (cracked) LCD but same. Can it be that the...
  8. arnonabuurs

    820-00281 5v

    Hey guys, liquid damaged 820-00281 came in with 5V on the USB ports. I measure 3.4v on PP3V3_G3H. One thing, if I plug in the USB tester on one side it stays on at 5V, on the other side it keeps turning on and off. No CD's are getting hot, checked with thermal cam and alcohol. CB301 has some...
  9. arnonabuurs

    820-00165 SMC issue

    Hello, we have this 00165 that 8.17v, it had corrosion on U3510. After replacing, still 8.18. Rest of the boards looks clean, now we changed the SMC 3 x (no stock left:() but still get 8.17. I do get SMC_PM_G2_EN on U7501? Is there something else that can pull down the SMC power to 8.17v? I did...
  10. arnonabuurs

    820-00165 rip

    Client came in with a 820-00165 acting up, keyboard only types in caps and other random stuff. So suspected liquid damage. Saw some corrosion on the board and coffee on the keyboard. Boards was working, changed some bad IC, ofcourse after I did, it stopped :P. Now fan spins, stops, starts to...
  11. arnonabuurs

    Surface 3 Laptop repair?

    At the moment we only repair Macs. With the new Surface 3 coming up, that actually can be opened easily, would anyone consider repairing these as well? Would it be possible to find parts for it? Anyone with experience repairing the unrepairable models that came before this new one?
  12. arnonabuurs

    820-00165 USB port no data

    Hello, we have a 00165 that was badly liquid damaged. Repaired all and now everything works accept for USB J4600, it has power but no data. W checked all lines no short, All resistor measure OK and SMC area looks clean.Main spil was around U7100. How to check the data lines of this port?
  13. arnonabuurs

    820-00923 not turning on

    Hello, this board did not turn on. I got 19v and 0 amp. FOund a short in PPBUS, smoke out of U7960 when put power in it. I replaced U7960, short is gone. Now when I connect power I dont get 19v anymore only 5v, I do have 13v on PPBUS now..... :rolleyes:. Since 19v showed up before I assumed...
  14. arnonabuurs

    820-00926-A sudden reboots

    Hi Guys, I have a 00926 that 2-5 x a day suddenly reboots. First will try a clean installation and see what happens. My question is are there know issues with this board like with the 2013/14 15 inch models?
  15. arnonabuurs

    820-3476 sometimes not starting

    Hi guys, a weird one here:p. Customer came in with dead macbook, replaced the battery, macbook runs. 2 days later client returns, dead again. I disassemble, test board with a good charger, fanspin.... Must be a badly connected keyboard cable? Put it back together, rebooetd about 20 times in a...
  16. arnonabuurs

    Anyone in Italy fixing logicboards?

    I have a client in Thailand where I replaced the SMC, only had 1 hour time as he is flying back to Italy next day. Mac was working after SMC replacement but stopped few hours later so it has to be done again. Since I have no time to fix it I gave him a credit, if there is anyone who can replace...
  17. arnonabuurs

    820-3435 liquid damaged

    Got this liquid damaged 820-3435, liquid around U6100 and u7600. CLeaned it up a bit looks pretty decent. Now it doesnt turn on but I have a pulse on L7520 and Enable on pin 4 of U7501, but missong 5V, 3.3 is present. Does that mean U6100 is working as I get the 5V signal and I have to look for...
  18. arnonabuurs

    820-00165 no display

    Hi, have this Mac air, had a tiny drop of corrosion on C7137 but board looks very clean, replaced that capacitor. Mac starts spinning, turns off, then keeps spinning. I have all voltages going down to DDR 1.2v and CPU 1.05 and 1.8v, on display voltage only get 6v and then starts to drop, I have...
  19. arnonabuurs

    820-00923 not turning on

    Hello, I have a touchbar 13 inch that came in dead. Inspected the board with microscope in details, nothing to see no liquid damage or bad IC, board looks as new. I have 1.06v on PPVCC_S0_CPU that drops to 0.76v after some time, and after a while boards turn off. Mouse has activity. Missing...
  20. arnonabuurs

    3437 liquid damage not booting

    Hi, I have an Air 3437 that came in with liquid damage, sometimes rebooting by itself but working. Some corrosion around R5100. Replaced R5100 (reset_l, maybe thats why it was rebooting sometimes), alsoY1915 had a tiny bit of corrosion under it, replaced it. I have orange and green light, the...