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    820-3476 Charging Light Blinks with Battery Connected

    Hi I have Motherboard 820-3476, Board is working fine with battery or Direct with charger but If battery is connected then it's start blinking like cutting of power. Replaced U7100 ISL6259, Checked R5380,R5381, No Corrosion so far. Any Suggestions
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    820-3437 R7005 Blows out

    Hi I have 820-3437 Logic Board As soon as I plugged charger to this Board, R7005 Blow out. R7005 not short to Ground. I tested with New R7005 without D7005 it gives me roughly 20v on both ends. As soon I Install D7005 , R7005 blows out. NO sign of Liquid damage on motherboard. PPBus_G3H is...
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    A1989 Touchbar and Keyboard light stop Working

    Hi Everyone Client took Macbook to local computer shop, They replaced A1706 Screen on A1989 Model 2018, after replacing they realize screen model given was wrong, so they replaced back to A1989 Screen, Now screen is working fine, brightness is also controlling fine but after that Touchbar and...
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    Missing P5VS4RS3_EN

    Macbook Air not turning on Liquid damage on U7600, Chip replaced but Still not power. PPBUS_G3H 8.55V PPBUS_S5_HS_COMPUTING_ISNS 8.54V PPBUS_S5_HS_OTHER_ISNS 8.54V PP3V42_G3H 3.42V PPVRTC_G3H 3.31V PP5V_S5 5.0V PP5V_S4RS3 0V Missing this Power Rail PP3V3_S5 3.31V PP3V3_S4 0V PP3V3_SUS 3.31v...
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    Missing P5VS4RS3_EN

    Motherboard 00165 is not turning on I used power supply and it is Consuming around .23amp Missing Rail PP5V_S4RS3 so I don't have PP5V_S0 I checked u7500 and found Missing P5VS4RS3_EN_R at Pin 4, P5VS4RS3_PGOOD Pin 5 not sure if I need these to get chip turn on. Repalced U7500 but no results.
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    820-00165 Fan Running Fast

    I have 820-00165 Board, Macbook is running ok, just Fan is spinning at high speed. I don't know which asd to run on this model. I ran Hardware Test and it only shows Heatpipe 2 at 128 degree , Heatpipe outgoing air at 128 degree. No Corrosion near u5800, u5810, u5620. Any Suggestion please
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    Liquid damage on 3023 Board

    As soon as I plugged battery to Motherboard, Chip U6990 at Pin 6 Sparked and chip dies Replaced Already U6900 and D6905 , but still Noticed Resisteance at PPVIN_G3H_P3V42G3H at Pin 6 is 100Ohm only Removed capacitor C6999 and C6990 but still low resistance. Don't understand what should I try Next
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    Liquid Damage Macbook Air 820-00165

    I had Macbook Air Liquid damage, it wasn't much of damage, no corrosion so far, But no Power, Green Light is their, but no PP5V_S4RS3
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    820-3662 Video Issue

    One of my client Macbook 820-3662 Randomly shuts down or some times no video at all. No liquid damage at all. Motherboard looks clean, Any Suggestions please
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    Ultrasonic P2600D-45

    Hi I recently Purchased P2600d-45 Ultrasonic from Rossman Website My question is if you can provide me How much Branson EC should 1 Use for Per Litre Quantity what temperature is Ideal How much time is Ideal What should I use Sonic Mode or Degas Mode or both Thanks
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    Macbook Air 820-00165 No Power

    I got a Macbook Air , which had liquid damage on U7501 TPS51980 Pin number 9 and 10, I am getting 3.3v on l7520, but 0v on L7560, Missing Enable signal on U7501 at Pin 21 Already Replaced U7501 but same status, not sure what is my next step
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    820-4924 Distorted Picture, No Liquid

    I got an Macbook for Repair 820-4924, Macbook turns on and working fine until user login, as soon as user logged in lines shows up all over the screen. Found Metal piece on top of motherboard exact location was C3280. Steps i have done so far Tested with Brand New screen and New OSX , nothing...
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    [SOLVED]Macbook Air 820-00165 PPBUS_G3H 9.3V

    Macbook Air had liquid damage but didn't find major damage, After ultrasonic macbook turns on with no video, ppbus_g3h have 9.3V and other power rails also shows extra voltage than it should be
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    Macbook A1502 No Power

    I Have Macbook Pro Retina A1502 820-4924, Power LED is there, but it is not turning on, PPBUS_G3H Present, from power rails ppbus_s4_x239 missing not sure if I suppose check at this point, if anyone guide me here Power supply using .020amp
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    Macbook Air Works for about a minute and then shuts down

    Hello this is my first post, don't know where to start, but I have question to ask, I have macbook air Board Model 820-00165, Issue with that macbook is, it turns on and boots, by the time it reach to user screen it turns off, I did remove trackpad , keyboard , even SSD it behaves the same, I...