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    820 3787 not charging

    820 3787 not charging battery, OSX recognizes the battery and charger. OEM 85w Apple charger, green/orange light on magsafe. 12.6 on PPBUS with board only, 12.9 with batt connected. 3.42 is present. Wrench symbol on battery icon, system says not charging. Battery has been replaced, no change.
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    820 2936 dead

    PPBUS G3 12.59v PP3V42 3.47v PP5V S5 5.02v PP5V S3 0v PP3V3 S3 0v PM SLP S4 L 0v
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    820 00163 liquid damage

    820 00163, liquid damage around the u7330-u7310 vent area. I cleaned the area with flux and hot air, and ran through ultrasonic. The machine fully boots, but the fans kick on full blast about half way through boot, and the machine is running hot as a firecracker. I first thought the fans maybe a...
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    820 4924 dead

    820 4924 no power, 12.59v ppbus, 3.42v pp3v42, 5v and 3.3v on s5 lines. Missing S4. Machine was water damaged sometime in the passed. Apparently the board was cleaned by another shop, and it worked for a while, now its dead.
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    820 3115 charging issues

    820 3115 came in for no power, and had no light on mag safe. I replaced u7000, now I get a greenlight and the machine powers on and fully boots, but does not recognize or charge the battery, geenlight never turns Orange. PPBUS G3H is low @ 12.25v. PP3V42 is present.
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    820 00165 No Power

    820 00165 no power, board has 2 tiny spots of liquid damage on Q7630 and U1930. Magsafe lights, 8.57v on PPBUS. PP5V_S5 is present, when I measure voltage for PP5V_S3 at L4011 and R6414 I get 0, but when I take a measurement at L4605 I get a reading that jumps all over, very strange. I have...
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    820 3115 no power

    820 3115, no power, mag safe stays green, no liquid damage. PP5V_SUS votage jumps all over the place. PPBUS 12.59v.
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    820 3115 missing PP5V_S3

    820 3115 missing PP5V_S3, and quarter fan spin. Cant find any shorts, I replaced u2600, no change.
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    820 3209 no image

    820 3209, no image/no chime fan spins. PPBUS 8.39v, VCORE is present, missing LCD_IG_PWR_EN.
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    820 3330 dead

    820-3330 board, customer states the were using the machine, heard a popping noise and smelled a burning odor. Board is not liquid damaged, and dont see any physical damage. PPBUS_G3H is dead short, when I inject votage the board heats up right around the corner of the CPU, but it really seems...
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    820 3332 No GPUVCORE

    820 3332 No GPUVCORE, touched up the pins leads @ u8900 twice, and reflowed the chip once. GPUVCORE_EN is also missing. No liquid damaged on board.
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    820 3332 runs off charger but not battery

    820 3332 runs off charger but not battery. Greenlight on MagSafe PP3V42 3.396v PPBUS G3H 12.68v running on MagSafe PPBUS G3H 10.78v running on batt PPBUS G3H 10.93v running on MagSafe and batt PPVBATT G3 CONN 10.76v SMC BC ACOK 3.25v CHGR ACIN 4.80v PP18V5 DCIN CONN R 20.15v PPBUS G3H R 12.67v...
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    820 4924 no internal display

    820 4924 no display on LCD, machine does have display via HDMI out. EDP_BKLT_EN, LCD_PSR_EN, & EDP_PANEL_PWR all missing. I do have PP3V3_S0_PCH_GPIO going into U8330.
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    820 4924

    820 4924, checked in for no image. I am assuming the machine was fully booting at time of check-in. I would get fan spin and hear chime. I would get no internal or external display, even with the internal display unplugged. I remove the board to start troubleshooting, now for some ungodly...
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    [SOLVED]820 3332 charging issuse

    820 3332 no liquid damage, light on magsafe very intermittently while the machine is assembled. I get green light on magsafe for a split second then it goes off when the board is pulled. I get votage starts at around 2v then drops rapidly on pins 1 & 2 @ j6900.
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    820 4924 liquid damage

    820 4924 that had two very small spots of liquid damage in the u1900 and r5689 area, the rest of the board looks very clean. I have replaced u1900, u1845 c1924, R5689. Those were the only components that looked like they have been affected by the water. I get green light on magsafe, and The...
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    [SOLVED]820 2533 no backlight

    820 2533 no backlight I get .018v on backlight pins, I thought for sure the meant the one was going to be shorted, but when I take a diode measurement I get .570v. Shouldn't I be getting more voltage than that even if the driver isn't creating a boost signal?
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    820 3330 no back Light, and power issuse

    820 3330, no liquid damage, short on back light circuit. Also having in issuse powering on without magsafe. Machine will stay on without magsafe connected. Machine also powers on the moment magsafe is connected. Can this issuse be caused by back light short or is this a separate issue...
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    820 4924 No power

    Okay Duke, I have another 820 4924 with no power, put to much to into the last one, ended up no fix. This one was liquid damaged. Shop the brought it in was nice enough to clean it before the brought it over. Their tech did indicate corrosion around SMC. Magsafe lights, 12.59ppbus g3h, s5 rails...
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    820 2915 no charge

    820 2919 recognizes the battery but will not charge it. Green light on mag safe 12.59v PPBUS G3H R7021 10.5ohm R7022 10.5ohm R7051 2.7ohm R7052 .6ohm