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    Need help with a dead bios

    a1502 Late 2013 Macbook Pro. Bios is dead. I have the serial but no tools to created a legit bios with matching ME info, Sys, etc. Serial c02mlmg3fh01
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    820-00928 Charging/Power issues

    Im not overly familiar with how this entire USB system works Liquid damaged board corrosion and burn pad on UB300 and corrosion under UB400. Reballed UB400 and swapped UB300 for good chip. Get 5v at fuse but wont go to 20v. Ive poked around and found a few 3.3v lines but not sure of what all...
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    820-3208 Need Bios with SN added

    Got a 820-3208 that had the bios swapped by someone and its running dog slow. I dont know how to clean the ME region or add the serial so needing some help. Serial Number is C02KL348DRV7 Sticker on board is C02317201KBF9DHAK
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    PlzBro 820-00840 5v cycling no 20v

    820-00840 Liquid Damage Liquid was around and down both USB C charging Circuits and controllers Cleaned area and found 5 burnt traces Burnt traces R3351 Burnt PPBUS_G3H pad - Ran jumper to R3451 PPBUS_G3H side and replaced R3351 with new 10K resistor R3360 Burn via - Cleaned and checked...
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    820-3662 possible fix? Simple script

    Had a 820-3662 come in for random shut down. No liquid. Checked all the rtc stuff and caps normally checked. Seems fine. Found a script online claiming the shut downs are caused by a lower power state bug in the CPU that causes failure when the CPU enters a lower power state. Before running...
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    820-3787 EFI Boot Rom Issues

    This computer cannot update to High Sierra. It will install up to El Capitan with Rom Firmware of 112.0138. If you try to update to High Sierra it fails install stating there is missing files required to update. Ive also taken it to my local apple store across the street who works with me on a...
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    820-00239 Flashing Folder

    Liquid Damage Had a main line short wouldnt boot. Removed short and it boots. Flashing Folder Checked U9300 found a short on PP1v8_SSD_Cold Replaced U9300 short gone I get 0v on L9340 and L9330 PP3v3_S5_SSD is 3.311v Storage_LB_EN is 3.3v Storage_EN is 3.3v SSD_PWR_EN_L is 0v (when a line says...
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    820-00164-A Dead No Liquid Damage

    Green light to orange light PP3v3_s5 present PP5v_s5 present No shorts on P5vS4_S3 Missing PM_SLP_S4_L SPI area clean and pulled Bios and checked firmware its good and reading fine. Reballed SMC just to check for corrosion under it. Checked U1900/1950 area for corrosion. Nothing Replaced...
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    820-4924 Liquid Damage No Boot

    Board came in with liquid damage around CPU mosfet and Q7630, Also burnt pins in the Thunderbolt port. Removed and cleaned up the CPU mosfets and Q7630. Cleaned out the thunderbolt ports and It has green light switching to Orange. Fan spins in SMC Bypass and spins in normal boot once the cpu...
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    820-3115-B Resets if you unplug charger or measure voltage on SMC Reset L

    board had liquid damage along top edge effecting Sys one wire system. Replaced all bad components, replaced U6901, U5010, SMC, SMC Reset 100K R5000 Resistor, and pulled R7000 to see if U7000 was resetting it somehow. Im kind of lost, the voltage when I meter the line is 3.4-3.42v but it may be...
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    820-4924 CPU Stencil

    Anyone know off hand where to find the stencil for this CPU. I had one with bad liquid damage under the CPU. I have a feeling the CPU is bad but I did find some burnt solder under the CPU on 2 "non required" pads for internal bypass caps. Had heat in that very area and hoping this might fix it.
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    [SOLVED]820-3476-A Chimes but no Image

    This one is odd Computer chimes, backlight turns on after a few seconds then keyboard backlight turns on. Screen is blank. New screen same results. LCD SW is 5v BL is 32v EDP,SMBUS,I2C BKL all are 3.3v LCD_HDP_CONN is 2.6v Data lines all are OL in Diode mode. No display on external monitor...
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    820-3332 Missing PM SLP S5

    This board is not liquid damaged I have seen 4 3332 that show these same symptoms most liquid damage but this one isnt. PPBUS G3H is 12.4v 3v42 is 3.42 3.3v S5 is 3.3v Computer will boot in SMC Bypass with no issue Has no PM SLP S5 3.3v when charger is plugged in. Reballed SMC and checked...
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    820-4924 Shuts off if Track Pad is connected

    820-4924 came in for liquid spill. Opened it up and pulled the board. The board looks almost new. The water indicator is red but the board has no corrosion and very little signs of liquid present. Cleaned what little liquid residue I could fine. Put it together it works but battery is shot...
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    [SOLVED]820-2530 Chime with backlight but no image

    820-530 with LD around LVDS area. Cleaned the board Replaced LVDS connector Replaced Backlight fuse Testing with different known good housing and screen, I get chime on boot, I get backlight but never get an Image on screen. If I hook up to external I get image. What should I be looking...
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    820-2530 dim green light

    820-2530 Some slight liquid damage signs around rear edge. Thought ok probably damaged 3v42 line. Check it getting 3.38V seems low. No obvious damage around the boost IC. Checked ACOK line from u7000 0v Check ACIN 0v Replaced u7000 due to internal short pulling ACIN low. Now have 4v on...
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    [SOLVED]820-00165-A Power No Chime No PPVCC_CPU_S0

    Liquid damaged macbook Air Wine spill on keyboard no major areas of damage that I can tell, Most damage I can see was 2 slightly blackened pins on the keyboard connector and some dried wine spots on the board. Board has only been scrubbed in the small spots where wine was dried. Has not been...
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    [SOLVED]820-2530 Wont run on battery

    820-2530 light water damage around LVDS Replaced LVDS and computer works fine when plugged in. If you unplug the charger the computer shuts off right away. Charger plugged in Green and turns Orange OSX sees the battery, battery cycles, battery status, and battery percentage Battery Gate...
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    Liquid damaged U7000 was badly damaged. Got it working laptop left came back in 2 months dead no boot. Board was Ultrasoniced before it was sent back out. Good 85W charger (Thank you duke) fans spin but no chime. PPVCORE Phase 1 2 and 3 are present. GFX Phase 1 is present Missing AXG1...
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    A1398 Pulsing on off fans no boot

    A1398 Macbook Pro Computer originally came in with bad track pad. Replaced the track pad and sent it back out. 4 months later it returned today. Computer has Green light that changes to orange Battery plugged in I get fan spin no boot. Fans pulse on off on off constantly SMC reset no change...