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    820-00840 - Not booting

    Fixed up major liquid damage near CPU FETS and Wifi/BT area. All voltages present, but not booting, no USB activity. Changed EFI. Dead CPU?
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    A1425 - Crashing under load

    This logic board keeps crashing, but only under load. Likely heat related? Any suggestions on this one, I'm not really familiar with this model.
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    820-3787 GPU crashes after drop

    Customer dropped this laptop and started having problems with the GPU ±3 months later. As a first attempt I've reflowed u9300, didn't help. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
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    820-3787 - Chime loop wich battery

    This board works fully (in limp mode / 800MHz) when the battery is disconnected. When the battery is connected it chimes repeatedly, so at the end of the chime, it chimes again. A different battery produces the same result. Replaced ISL6259, didn't help. Any thoughts? Could this be GPU related?
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    820-00923 Critical update loop

    Things tried so far: * Boot with wired connection * Boot with touchbar, touchID and screen disconnected * Full reinstall Will boot into safe mode. Had some corrosion on the touchbar side of the logic board.
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    820-00875 Dead

    - No liquid damage - Fixed short on PP3V3S5 FET. - PPVIN = 20v - Several short (?0.1 ohm) on U7800 (PMIC) rails ** PP1V8_S5G ** PPVCCPCH_S5G ** PP1V_S5G_REG Lifted coils for the last 2 and both have the short on the load side a.k.a. CPU/PCH. Of course, the CPU could be shorted. Would it also...
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    820-3437 Fanspin, no post

    Received this one pre-cleaned by another company and it actually worked when I got it. After doing some touch up work, returned it to the customer. It didn't work when the customer tested it and now that I've got it back, is doesn't work either. The fan spins, but I get no chime... All voltages...
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    820-3332 Crash unigine Heaven bench

    Fixed U8900 on this one. Ran Heaven to test, but this crashes and OSx returns to lockscreen shortly after. The fans run high after a while (without running Heaven), with low temperatures in iStats. ASD doesn't work, not sure why: 1) EFI version claims I'm using the wrong version (3S150) 2)...
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    820-3662 Random shutdown part 9999

    So I've been reading about the shutdown problems of the 2013-2014 models. 3 possible solutions are suggested by the internet: 1) Removing the kext responsible for ethernet over thunderbolt 2) Using the nocrashmbp utility made by RealMacMods 3) Replacing the VCORE driver FDMF6808 for a 6708...
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    820-00165 Fanspin, no post

    All voltages present, clock chip replaced, no light on USB mouse. Even tried different BIOS, but nothing changed. No liquid damage, it just stopped working. Dead CPU the only possibility?
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    820-3662 - No post

    MacBook starts, fan spin, no chime, no backlight, no light on optical mouse. No liquid damage, all voltages present, PPBUS_G3H = 12,58v VCORE = 3x 1,7v SYS_PWROK present, PM_S0_PGOOD present, No short between VCORE and PPBUS_G3H. All suggestions (except dead CPU) are welcome :)
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    820-00928 PP1v8_sus missing

    Charger switches to 20v. No PP1V8_SUS, not a short. PP3V3_S5, PM_SLP_SUS_L and PP5V_PMICLDO are all there, but no output on L8020. Has significant water/beer damage near PP1V8 feedback resistor area. All of this was restored. Working from a 820-00239 schematic and 820-00281, they seem close...
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    a1534 - Not charging

    It didn't work before and I've replaced ISL95530 with one I've ordered on AliExpress. It works nog, but it won't charge the battery. Afterwards I saw the videos where Louis explains about these chips not working. So would this need a proper ISL95530 replacement or could there be other things...
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    820-3330 - Fans on high, no ASD error

    Hi, I've got a 2012 a1286 here. Fans going full speed and clock speed is low, but EFI ASD doesn't find any errors. Known history: 1) BIOS was corrupted --> reflashed 2) Accidentally bridged C8900 and C8901 during reflow of U8900 putting 12V (PPVIN_S0_GFXIMVP) on the 5V rail...
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    820 3476 - PP3V3_SUS missing

    Visual: clean board, no liquid damage. 2 exploded caps on PPBUS_S5_HS_OTHER5V (C7570 & C7541), replaced. S5 rails present, but no PP3V3_SUS. PM_DSW_PWRGD 3.4 PM_SLP_SUS_L 0 SMC_ADAPTER_EN 3.4 PM_BATLOW_L 0 PPVRTC 3.4 PM_SLP_S5_L 3.3...
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    Old a1286 - Broken memory clip

    What seemed like a simple repair just became a major frustration: one of the memory retention clips broke off. The upper memory slot now won't hold it's memory in place. Any suggestions on how to properly repair this?
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    820-3115: 0 Ohm short on PP5V_S3

    History: Likely water damage, but cleaned before repair :( Any suggestions on finding the short? Power supply maxed out at 0.1V/3.5A. Tried 3 AA bateries in series supplying ±6A (voltage assumed 4.5V). But nothing gets hot except the batteries :)
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    Apple soddering quality

    Just thought I would share this nice example of premium quality. I think the solder paste for the top right shield hole, did not quite end up where it was intended. Cheers from the Netherlands, Rick
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    Sleep cycle needed for brightness control

    Hi, Just ordered a few a1502 screens. After installing, the brightness control does not work and it always needs a sleep cycle to fix this after boot. Is this common in replacement screens and how do I prevent this? Thanks! Rick
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    [SOLVED]A1502 Late 2013 no brightness control

    Hi, After replacing the screen assembly of this laptop, the brightness control won't work. The screen works fine otherwise and brightness can be controlled on an mid2014 model with this same screen. Edid issue maybe? Cheers, Rick