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    820-00840 No Power

    I disconnected the battery from this working computer to remove an efi lock and upon reconnecting the battery I accidentally had the screw not aligned and it sparked at me, since then the computer will not turn on and I believe the spark from the battery killed it. I get 0v on PP3V3_G3H
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    2017 820-00165 No power, orange light

    I have a 2017 00165 that wont turn on, it shows an orange magsafe light even when no battery is connected. Board looks pretty clean and only had the minor corrosion around U7600 which I cleaned up and replaced anything looking suspect however maybe there is still an issue in that area. I’m kinda...
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    820-2936 Only runs off charged battery but wont detect the charger

    Im new at this, 2936 works fine off charged batt but wont detect the charger, no green light no nothing. I have already tried different DC ports
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    2012 820-3115 with screen flicker

    I have a 2012 3115 that causes any LCD to flicker constantly. There was light liquid damage towards the top of the board, I ultrasonic cleaned but flickering persists. It is not a bad ram slot unless it's both ram slots as I attempted removing top then bottom ram chips.
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    2936 Power button not working

    I have a 2936-a that self-powers on when plugged in and seem to work ok but it won't power on via the keyboards power button. The power on pads work fine. There was spotty liquid damage and I replaced all the components that looked damaged but still have the exact same results. keyboard...
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    820-3476-a That Freezes

    I have a 2013 820-3476-a that is in great condition with no sings of liquid that turns on but freezes within 10 seconds to 1 minute. I have tried minimum system configuration, different flash drives, different os's. It also freezes on an os install/setup screen and even before loading into the...
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    820-2914 Powers on but No chime and no image

    I have a 820-2914-A that has liquid damage, i tried ultrasonic cleaning with no luck, it powers up but no image at all including no backlight, and no chime. When an optical mouse is plugged in it lights up but only for a fraction of a second and goes off. Any advice would be great.
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    820-2936 one USB port not working

    2936 had a loose usb port that would light up a mouse but not move it. I replaced the loose usb port with one from a donor board but now there is no power to it, When i check U4600 pin 9 gets 5v but pin 8 is zero. One usb port works one does not. J4600 is the one not working. Any advice or...
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    820-2936 with No Webcam

    2936 that does not detect webcam, already tried 2 different display assemblies. Where should i start?
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    [SOLVED]820-2936-A Wont detect ANY hard drive

    Hello, I have a late 2011 820-2936-A that will not detect any internal hard drive, It can boot from a usb and then work fine except it will not see the internal hard drive. I have tried 5 different cables and hard drives with no luck. Where should i start?
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    [SOLVED]820-3330-B with No Backlight

    Have 820-3300-B with image but no backlight Has no sings of liquid damage, already tried known good lcd Only strange thing I have found is that pins 38, 39, and 40 have 25v when on a known good board they have 33v
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    820-2850-A Has green light and fan but No chime, No video

    I am new here but have a 820-2850-A that has green light and fan spin but that is it. No chime, No video. Where should I start? There is no liquid damage. also wanted to note that a usb mouse does not light up when plugged in