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    For the last three months i've benen paying double for The subcription. I want refound but I cant get in contact with Louis. What can I do?
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    Contact Louis

    Need help to fix this For some reason I have paid twice for monthly subscription for three months. I would like to have a refound. Please help me.
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    2530 no backlight bad via

    Got this old but nice lookin board with no backlight. Found a corroded via, BKL_ISEN2, and the pad is gone next to L9701 but on the other side it look good. Is it possible to fix this? I don?t really understand via but I suppose they connect to traces inside the board.
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    2879 no power on

    Owners daughter inserted a 3.5mm charger in the headphone port with the other end connected to a usb port. Computer died! It has green light, pp3v42_g3h and ppbus_g3h. What do i check?
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    820-3330 won’t boot

    I got this machine in perfect condition. It did boot to OS a coupel of times but now it stops when the bar is filled 2/3. Same when I boot from a harddrive connected to USB. Tried other ATA cables, HD and memory but still the same problem.
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    Ipad air screen rotation

    hope that someone knows what controls the screen rotation. The image doesn't rotate, it's always in portrait mode. I don't think it is software related problem. I have updated and tried everything that I could find on google.
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    820-2936 won't charge

    This board was damaged by wine. Everything works great except that it won't charge battery and it won't start with battery disconnected. I have green light, no orange light. With magsafe connected voltage is changing between 4.2 and 4.6 at fuse F7040
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    2009-2010 bad memory slot

    Is it always the slot that is bad or can it be anything else when only one slot is working?
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    [SOLVED]820-2936 no image

    When I started working on this board it chimed but had a black screen. After looking at the board i found that C7524 was ripped off so I replaced it. Then I saw corrosion in the lvds area around Q4262. Replaced Q4262, R4262, R4263 (those are for firewire) and then I replaced LVDS connector. Now...
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    [SOLVED]820-2914 battery problem

    This board had some water damage but not really nothing visable. But I had to replace the connector for the touchpad on the board because it was corroded. The problem is the battery. It boots with only battery connected but after 30-60 sec it turns off. If I unplug MagSafe when the computer is...
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    820-2993 No fan

    The fan is dead on this Mini. I have tried other fans but none works. Can't find boardview or schematic for this machine. Voltage on connector: 1: 0 2: 3,3 3: 3,3 4: 1,6 (dropping)
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    [SOLVED] 820-2936 no trackpad {bad U5805}

    The trackpad sometimes works just a little bit on some parts but its mostly dead. Tried other cables and trackpads with same resoults. The connector gets very hot when the computer starts. Everything else seems to work. The board is clean and have no signs of liquid
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    820-3437-b efi

    Have this board that has EFI lock. I don't know anything about how that works. I have identical boards i the pile. Is it posiible to take U6100 from one of the other boards and replace it? I don't know anything about programming
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    820-2879 replaced U7000

    Had no green light on this board. PPBUS_G3H was 0 volt. Replaced U7000 and now I have green light but only 12,27 Volt on PPBUS_G3H Can it only be dead SMC or is it something that I'm missing?
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    2936 won't start from battery

    This one won't start from battery and it won't show anything on the battery indicator. With magsafe connected it starts and charges the battery. There is no X on the battery icon. It runs from battery if magsafe is disconnected. Nothing changes if I disconnect the BIL
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    [SOLVED] 2879 keyboard connector

    This is the first time I replace a keyboard connector. The old one was partly damaged. Now all keys work except capslock. Nothing happens when i press it, no green light on button. The keyboard is new and i tried other with same result. What can by wrong? I checked all connections
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    820-2530 no charge

    this one works with charger. I don't get orange light on the charger only green. With BIL connected there is an X on battery, with BIL disconnected I get "Not Charging" 20 ohm at pin 17+18 and 27+28 on U7000
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    [SOLVED]820-2915 line on boot screen

    The computer boots but at the apple logo a line appears and then it shuts down. Can it be fixed?
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    Magsafe board

    Can anyone tell me what the two white components is closest to the magsafe connector is? It's for a 2010 13" air. I am trying to fix a board and these two are missing and I can't find a schematic.
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    [SOLVED]820-3115-B black screen

    have a strange problem with this board. it boots as it should but the screen is black. If I unplug the lcd cable and then plug it in again it works until I turn it off. next time I start it up the black screen is back again. what can cause this shit?