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    A1989 Display problem

    Hi, I got this device with liquid damage. Mainboard is cleaned and was not many liquid to see. The display is not working. with another display the machine is working good. The big connector looks pretty good. I found that there is a burned backlight connector. So i soldered a nice...
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    820-00138 dont turn on

    I have this device here, no green/orange light, dont turn on. found short R7121 Pin 1 to ground and high resistant R7121 and R7122 after replacing u7100 there was no short anymore. So i replaced the R7121 and R7122 after that all was ok but i found there goes 6A in to the machine. So I...
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    820-4652 imac dont turn on

    hi, i am just workin g on this device, no problems to see on the board first green led is lightning, no reaction by pressing power button pwr_btn_l ckecked platform reset is still low i have 3.41V, 3.3V_s0 and 5V s0 and 12V_S0 I dont have PP5V_S4_REG PP3V?V_S5_REG is ok both enable...
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    820-2915 replaced by apple turned off GPU

    Hi, I have here a late 2011 untouched Mainboard. Customer told me he had problems with the GPU and they switched off the gpu. of course a external moniotor is not possible and preferences shows only intel gpu. Machine is working good, the rotating donat is showing up as well. I want now to...
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    A1708 dont turn on after taking apart :-( 820-00875

    good morning. I got an a1708 with no big liquid damage. After replacing Topcase and Battery everthing is working good. The customer was happy, but now he came back after 6 month with audio problem. I found during I replaced the topcase I damaged the flexcable from the headphone jack port. I...
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    a1706 Topcase replaced with a new one, new accu bad?

    Hi everyone, I got a A1706 from client with not working keyboard (key b and n sometimes double printing the letter) I ordered 3 new topcases including battery After installing mainboard and display I have now that I tryed with all 3, all the same. With the old one with keyboardp roblems...
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    questionmark on A1425 please help

    hi comunity. I got a strange problem. Got from customer an A1425 with blinking question mark I pulled out a working 256GB SDD from a A1398 (2012) and insert that in the A1425. Everything is booting and working ok. Now I take the "bad" 128GB SSD from the A1425 and insert it in the A1398 and...
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    conected with WiFi but no Internet

    Hello, I have a problem I dont know what could that be. I replaced a mainboard from a macbook air, everything is working well, only internet is aproblem. I can see the WiFi names, I can conect to WiFi I see my IP, DNS all isok, but safari dont let me in the internet. the same external drive is...
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    820-2849 17" 2010 sometimes grafical problems

    hi friends, I just got that device with the hint sometimes grafical problems. Is it possible the same thing like on the 820-2850 the C9560?
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    A1534 12" Macbook only question mark folder

    hello, I got already the second device with the same problem. Is this a comon problem and perhaps repairable with an reflow or is this rubbish only, still dont had that. No SSD to see, not in osx, nowhere...
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    820-3787 no trackpad no keyboard after liquid damage

    hi friends. I just have an 820-3787 here it had a hole in the board near u7100 and no power on I replaced U7100 and soldered the missing traces. After that it worked, Trackpad working, keyboard wrote what it want. Then with a new Akku I noticed that It consumed 4-6A, after that I limited the...
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    820-00426 chiming but black screen

    Hi friends, I just got in this device. No damage no liquid spill to see. it is starting, chiming but nothing to see. External screen is black as well. First I checked the display. On another machine the display is working good. So Display and Display cable is good. then I checked for L9410...
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    820-00138 not start

    hello friends i just work on this board. it came in with"liquid damage" but i looked the whole board and nothing to see, its not cleaned. i found a short PPbus_G3H to GND, After replacing U7310 i got a fanspin, but still no cpu vcore. CPUVR_FCCM is zero. It has to be zero? in schematics is a...
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    iMac 27 Zoll Ende 2013 Grafikkarte GeForce GT 755 1024MB graphical problems

    hi friends, I got from client this machine. Is it possible to have an grafic problem ? I still didint have newer machine from imac after 2011. thanks
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    820-00138-05 dont turn on

    hello. the board is not turning on, no liquid to see. i found a short to GND on PPBUS_G3H, I pulled the F7140/41, short to gnd still on buckconverter side i pulled the u7100, still the same, so i pulled Q7135 and no short anymore. I ordered new q7135 and after solder in no short anymore, i...
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    820-2915 GPU VCORE Problem

    hello, i have a 2915 with gpu problem. i replacede the gpu, now the picture is ok and ASD is passing all. if i start from my ssd in sierra and i start the benchmark software Heaven to test the gpu. i can see it switsching and it is loading and just in the moment it should start the screen...
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    iMac Late 2013 dont "see" the intern SSD

    Hi, got this imac 21.5" with blinking "?" Folder is it worth to open it ? is it a common thing for example no power on SSD Port? or is it more common for a bad SSD I dont want waste the time for open it, till now i told the client the SSD is gone.
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    820-3332 no picture

    hi, i just got that board no video so i tested the lcd with a working board. that is ok. i resoldered the u8900 but still nothing L8960 and L8930, L8310 and L8360 have no power at all the machin is chiming no PP3V3_S0GPU in Diode mode there is almost the same value like on the good board...
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    820-2915 beeping

    hi, i just work on that board. it had gpu problem. I replaced the gpu and everything is working fine. i let play a video and went to lunch. when i came back after an hour it is only beeping the Ram-error code. during beeping the front led is not lightning or blinking. I cleaned the ports and...
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    820-4924 green/orange ok, no fan spin

    hi everyone. i got that board from customer. he said liquid spill. i have 12.54V so smc is working PP3V3_S5 is 3.3V PP5V_S5 is 5.0V PP5V_S3 is 0V PM_SLP_S4_L I get spices of 3.43V every about 3sec. I found corrosion aroud U8330 but i think thats is not important now next spot is around U...