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    820-01521 Liquid Damage

    I have received 820-01521 MacBook with liquid damage. It has no display or back light. It's taking 20V and 400 milli amps. All voltages are present. DFU revive finished successfully. Also tried another display and same result. Noticed CPU is getting hot. Voltage on L7230 and L7210 is 0.950 volts...
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    A2337 Macbook Air 3598

    Resolved The Issue ! This particular issue was resolved after replacing Trackpad/Keyboard card connector Board. I am really thankful for actively replying to my queries. Thanks
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    A2337 Macbook Air 3598

    Hello Everyone, I received Macbook Air A2337 EMC:3598 and it's A and D keys are not working. Tried to replace the Keyboard as well as trackpad. But, the results are same. I need help to rectify this problem. Thanks
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    A1398 (820-3787-A)

    Hello Everyone, Received Macbook Pro 820-3787 and It get freeze after 2 to 3mins. Checked sensors using HW Monitor which shows GPU 2 dies. Need help to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks
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    HWMonitor Software

    Hi Can someone provide me legit link for HWMonitor software? Thanks
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    820-01987 No Power

    Okay, Thanks for suggestions. I will try and update the results. Thanks
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    820-01987 No Power

    Yes, I was getting the same error. Please suggest me any solution for this problem. Thanks
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    820-01987 No Power

    Thank you 2informaticos for warm welcome and quick reply. Here are the voltages checked on U8800 chip. F7000 12.70V PP_SSD0_S4E2_VPP 0.013V PP0V9_SSD0_S4E2_VDD_PLL 0.90V PP2V5_NAND_SSD0...
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    820-01987 No Power

    Hello Everyone, I have recently joined this forum. I have received one A2289 (820-01987) Macbook. It shows 20 V and .079 amps on amp meter. I already tried DFU on the macbook but failed in between. The voltage on L7030 coil is only 10 V. Please help me to resolve the issue in that case. Thanks