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    Is the board for sure clean? Any history drop etc?
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    820-3476-A cpu warm, no fan spin

    Sounds like some moron killed the CPU by being stupid. This I would advise not wasting time on
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    820 2850, uefi problems

    Kernel panics are going to be C9560...
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    820-00165a shorted ppvrtc_g3h

    Sounds like PCH. Sucks sometimes I?ve noticed on these boards when the SMC dies the CPU does as well especially when the SMC shorts 3v42 to ground randomly
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    820-00165 flickering backlight

    Tried new screen? Inspect LED Driver area for corrosion as well as DC-in board/flex as they control the SMC_LID signal (Hall sensor)
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    820-3332 no power after changing palmrest

    Sounds like you were trolled by bad charger or just a weird intermittent thing.
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    820-00165-A Powers Up, No Chime no Display

    L8304 has nothing to do with no POST.
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    820-3332 no power after changing palmrest

    Do you get PP5v_S5/PP3v3_S5?
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    820-3332 no power after changing palmrest

    Definitely using 85 watt magsafe 2 OEM? If in doubt, check PM_BATLOW_L
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    820-00165-A Powers Up, No Chime no Display

    Sadly yes. I notice it a lot as well
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    820-3332-A No Backlight

    And also resolder U8900 after fixed
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    820-2879b not detecting battery X

    12.3 is too low should be 12.6. Tried with BIL disconnected?
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    820-3437 A1466 Missing PP1V2_S3

    If you?re lucky, the RAM got killed
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    820-0152-02 Fixed PP3v3_g3h with replacing chip C03215 then no PPBUS_G3H

    Good luck is my answer lol. Donor board if you can somehow find one or the AirPods wireless charger case has it on the circuit board. It?s like a 100 dollar case
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    820-00165 Issues

    Remove JTAG first. If no change, remove U5110. If SMC_RESET_L comes high, then bad SMC_RESET IC. If still low, bad SMC is likely
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    A1706 keyboard issue

    Trackpad, trackpad flex, or keyboard
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    820-00164 SMC_RESET_L issue.

    Open a new thread please
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    820-00045 would only charge in one direction

    And beware the CPU will die soon most likely