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    T2 firmware update process?

    Hmm, this link seems dead
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    Use a bench power supply (stop using BS chargers)

    Well.... How do you current limit?
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    Lab power supply and connectors.

    There's a special comms circuit. I am not sure of the needed mods for connecting to a lab bench power supply. It's not as simple as giving 5v, then 20v. There's a handshake of some kind to ensure that the charger CAN provide 20v safely, and i'm unsure of this. I wish this would be answered...
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    Charging MacBook USB-C with power supply.

    I am also curious if there's anything special about this. Currently, I believe to guess power usage you can inline an ammeter.... but im not sure about current limiting.
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    820-1700a - possible CPU dead?

    How can I verify if a CPU is dead / possibly damaged? My first guess is to look at the CPU MOSFETs / power regulation IC, and look for a short. My guess is I want to remove those from the board, and replace it (and any other MOSFET that is involved in the operation of the power controller)...
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    820-1700-a Begin Troubleshooting and Board View quetsions

    Looking at the board, im curious if some components are interchangeable. The 820-1700-A board is still really expensive as a donor, and I'm curious if the 820-01598 board (2019 13in macbook pro) has interchangeable components. Particularly the "U8400 (lcd backlight TI dc->dc boost converter)" on...
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    820-1700-a Begin Troubleshooting and Board View quetsions

    Well, ive watched a LOT of rossmann repair videos over the past few years, and learned a lot on electronic engineering and such. I distinctly remember videos where Louis started checking to ensure the CPU / GPU didn't have any issues that'd kill it when powered up. So I know it's a...
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    820-1700-a Begin Troubleshooting and Board View quetsions

    I currently bought a broken macbook (A2141), that was water damaged, and want to repair it. I have the necessary tools I've amassed over time, but want to begin. I have decent understanding of electronics and the like (I have watched a bunch of videos of repairs, as well as am a professional...