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  1. ViBe

    820-01814A (A1990) 5V @ .225A

    Thanks, 2info. 3 of 4 USB-C ports still draw .225A @ 5V. The 4th port doesn't have a replacement CD3215 yet. I'll continue with the DFU procedure, but I'm sticking with the Revive option to prevent data loss associated with the Restore process, as it now wipes out OS and user data. More to...
  2. 2informaticos

    820-01814A (A1990) 5V @ .225A

    ...nor super clean... PPBUS_G3H is incorrect. SMC doesn't communicate properly with U7000, nor with CD3215 chips. Read more threads about DFU restore (on the forum). Some people complained that succeded after many tries and different configurations tested. All 4 USB-C ports have the same...
  3. 2informaticos

    820-01700 wine damage - fan spin no boot

    If you change PCH, no way to clean ME region manually. You should try DFU restore, hoping Apple will update ME correctly. Maybe entire BIOS content is replaced in the process... PCH is directly connected with T2. T2 integrates SMC and you can follow power on signals from T2/SMC to PCH. Pray...
  4. D

    820-01700 wine damage - fan spin no boot

    ...if that's normal for this model. Sometimes the laptop will make a sound when plugging in the charger, but nothing else. I have tried the DFU restore with Apple Configurator and it completes with no error (or any message, for that matter) but the laptop still won't boot. Any guidance on what...
  5. 2informaticos

    820-01041 fan spins high for a second and then turns off

    Try DFU restore. Search the forum, several threads available. May not be easy to get it at first attempt. Read what other members commented...
  6. 2informaticos

    820-01598 20V 69mA, doesn't turn on

    What schematic are you using? Did you try a DFU restore?
  7. 2informaticos

    820-01814 - 5V on charger 0.018A - Melted pins on the LCD connector

    You can try a DFU restore, just in case. Let see if machine is detected at least...
  8. 2informaticos


    You've probably met with T2 firmware corruption. Read the threads about DFU restore; a lot of usefull information there. Be aware, you may need many tries... BTW, you didn't mention PPBUS_G3H, nor any x_SLPS2R voltage...
  9. T

    820-01041 A1990 2018 - 20V 0.06A - no power

    Use the thunderbolt cable with the lightning bolt on it and hold the keys down for 10 seconds and that should get you into DFU. You may have to try a few times, but it does work for me. I have a A1989 with similar symptoms, and was able to get it into DFU using this process, but the restore...
  10. overshoot

    820-01521 - No keyboard (works with another mainboard) worked but not the keyboard. Luckily it wasn't iCloud locked. As I have another MacBook Air same model, I did use this to do the DFU restore but the keyboard would not work. Trackpad works however. Board looks pristine with no previous repair attempt. Could it be the T2 detecting a...
  11. 2informaticos

    820-01521 no 20v, no PP5V_G3S , PPBUS ok

    Some people complained about type of cable connection. Sometime got it after many tries. You should read all the threads you can find about DFU restore and collect information.
  12. D

    820-01521 no 20v, no PP5V_G3S , PPBUS ok

    Both ports behave the same voltage and current wise (both generate the same voltages on the board) When i plug in the macbook into another macbook with an the Apple charge cable it shows up directly as DFU device (not using the procedure). tried reviving but progress gets stuck at step:4...
  13. T

    820-00850 Wont boot.

    I changed UB000 but still was getting the same error in apple configurator. I can get the board in DFU mode without issues, but the restore fails. Now I just tried it again and it failed with a different error that I have not seen before and now the board will only go to 20v 0.06a on charger...
  14. 2informaticos

    820-00850 water damage fan work but dead

    You cannot replace SMC; it is part of T2 now. I suppose board still has problems caused by corrosion. This could be the reason is not listed on the other MacBook for DFU restore.
  15. it-solve

    820-01521 - Heavy Liquid 5V 0.247A after clean

    Thanks for the advice. I never really had luck with the DFU restore. Probably because I could not find a USB-C cable with all pins available. Tried multiple ones, including genuine ones with no luck detecting second mac in DFU
  16. 2informaticos

    820-01521 - Heavy Liquid 5V 0.247A after clean

    Before giving up, you can try DFU restore. But I still suspect liquid damage...
  17. N

    820-01041 fans spin no display, no chime, no lights, Short on PPVCORE_S0_GPU

    OK so I finally did DFU restore and afterwards I still got no display but just to see I tried to blindly boot it into target disk and it showed up on my host machine. So I then got a USB C hub and it shows video on external display. So I am unsure where to go from here as I don't have a display...
  18. 2informaticos

    820-01521 no 20v, no PP5V_G3S , PPBUS ok

    "PPVIN_G3H_P5VG3S: 12v3 (OK)" This is NOK. Stay away of wrong assumptions! Do you get all these voltages on all USB-C ports? Any USB-C port is cycling now? If all good, then try DFU restore; full info posted on the forum...
  19. 2informaticos

    820-00850 Wont boot.

    UB000 controls USB communication, so that could be the reason for board doesn't enter in DFU restore.
  20. 2informaticos

    820-01521-a water damage around U7650 2018 Macbook Air

    Before going to DFU restore, inspect the board for knocked off components. If someone messed up the board before you, may be waste of time now.