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    820-00165 Slow Boot & MacOS

    I have a 820-00165 which looks like some previous liquid damage but the machine boots. Re-Installed MacOS which took more time than normal, it seems that the machine is very slow. Held down 'D' to run diag on boot but MacOS reports no issues found: Code App0000. Also, when turning on the...
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    820-2915 No Audio on Playback

    Hi have a 820-2915 that will beep on startup but doesn't show an audio device within MacOS and doesn't play audio thru speakers or headphone jack. Checked U6200 Pin 6 PP4v5_Audio_Analog = 4.48V Checked U6201 Pin 9 PP1v5_s0_Audio_Dig= 1.5V Checked U6201 Pin 46 PP5V_S0_Audio=5.04V Headphone Jack...
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    820-2915 gMux Firmware updated but no blacklight now

    Hi, I received a 820-2915 15" 2011 board that had the gMux hardwired to bypass the external AMD chip and was asked to do the gMux firmware update that allows brightness control. Upon removing the several wires that are involved in the bypass, I was able to reprogram the gMux using DosDude's...
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    820-00164 Only provides a 1/4 fan spin

    I have a 11" Macbook Air, with no visible signs of liquid damage but it's only providing a 1/4 fan spin on DC power. PPBUS_G3H - 8.57v PP5V_S5 = 5V SMC_RESET_L = 3.4 V PP3V3_SUS = 3.3v PPVRTC_G3H = 3.34V PP3V3_S4 - Pulsing PP5V_S4RS3 = 0V PCH_CLK32K_RTCX1 = 36Khz (Read from my scope) I'm...
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    820-00165 Boots sometimes and then shuts down after several hours

    This is a liquid damaged board that I repaired initially by cleaning up the one wire circuit and replacing the backlight driver. Initially after 30 mins of testing thought the board was good to go but it seems that after using it for a couple of hours it just shuts off, sometimes it will...