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  1. zockysworkshop

    820- 2849 A Have green Light but PPDCIN_G3H_INRUSH is 1.4V

    820- 2849 A Have green Light but PPDCIN_G3H_INRUSH is 1.4V on pins 5,6,7,8 on Q7085. The funny thing is when I plug the charger and check voltage on the pins 5,6,7,8 of Q7085 the voltage is 12.6 v and its start to drop in 30sec to 1.4 V. And on Q7080 voltage is good on all pins. I've checked...
  2. zockysworkshop

    A1534 MacBook 12" 820-00045 - PP5V1_S4SW is missing

    I have 12 inch MacBook A1543 Is not powering on. I started measuring the power rails and I've noticed that I'm missing PP5V1_S4SW. Also U7100 is heating up as hell, and the other strange thing is on pin 56 of U7100 the PPVIN_G3H_P3V3G3H Is around 20V and according to the schematics should be...
  3. zockysworkshop

    820-4924-a No PM_PCH_APWROK

    i have 820-4924-a water damage has green light but doesn't turn on. I started measuring around and i'm missing PM_SLP_S4_L so i watched on one of louis videos with similar problem so when this signal took me to the PCH i checked for the voltage that powers the PSH -- PM_PCH_PWROK and that took...
  4. zockysworkshop

    [SOLVED]820-2936-B No trackpad no Keyboard

    Water Damaged Macbook is turning on but no keyboard or trackpad. I started measuring the pins on the keyboard on pin 30 i have 3.3v that's PP3V3_S3 and pin 4 and 5 i have 3.29v, however on the rest of the pins i get variable voltage goes from 2.9v to 1.7 and up and down up and down. Any ideas ...
  5. zockysworkshop

    820-3208-A Fan spins 5 seconds and stop

    I have water damage 820-3208-A and i fan spins 5 seconds and stops i went thru the rails and the 5v and 3.3v in s3 state are going from 0v to their normal voltage and back to 0. On U7201 i have VIN and all enable signals and i think is the actual chip. Any ideas ?
  6. zockysworkshop

    820-3437 a no backlight

    On Q7706 in pin 3 and 4 i have the same voltage so Q7706 doesn't open i checked the voltage divider the R7788 and R7789 are good but anyway i replace them and still im getting same voltage on 3 and 4 looks like the divider is not lowering the voltage. Any ides ?
  7. zockysworkshop

    820-00138 can't power on or off on keyboard or power pads

    I have this 820-00138 can't power on or off neither power pads or keyboard and i have same working board to measure the voltage on SMC_ONOFF is same voltage like the working board. any ideas why board doesn't turn on and off ???
  8. zockysworkshop

    820-4924-A NO MAGSAFE Connector

    I know it sounds stupid but i got 13 inch retina and before i open it i've noticed that the place on the housing for the magsafe charger is empty so i thought somebody probably remove it but when i removed the board i can't locate the connector for the magsafe
  9. zockysworkshop

    820-3662-A missing P5VS4_EN

    if im right i think i have to deal with the SMC because i'm missing P5VS4_EN and i don't have the PM_SLP_S5_L and SMC_S4_WAKESRC_EN
  10. zockysworkshop

    820-00138 no keyboard

    there is power on all pins except 1 2 and 3 and that lead me to U4850 and when i measured the pins on U4850 i get voltage on pin 4 10 and 6 --- so on pin 4 i have PP3V3_S4, and pin 10 is PP3V42_G3H and pin 6 is SMC_TPAD_RST_L and the rest of the pins 0 volts. Any ideas ?
  11. zockysworkshop

    iPhone 6 power rails sequence

    I am currently working on a liquid damaged iPhone 6. But not sure where to start after cleaning. I cant seam to find any page about power rails to see if they are all there. So I am wondering what power rails are required for the phone to power on? Is there a power sequence like MacBooks have...
  12. zockysworkshop

    820-3437 no image on the LCD

    I have 820-3437 no image i have cpu vcore when i measure on pins 18 and 19 on J8300 i should have PP3V3_S0SW_LCD_R but i get 0 volts and that took me to U8300 so on pin 2 and 3 on U8300 i have PP3V3_S5 but on pin 1 i should have EDP_PANEL_PWR and that is missing and following that line takes me...
  13. zockysworkshop

    820-3437-b no SMC_BC_ACOK

    I've replaced u7100 i have all voltages present for u7100 but i don get SMC_BC_ACOK
  14. zockysworkshop

    820-00138-a DOESN'T recognize new keyboard

    i have 820-00138 i put new keyboard but board still doesn't see it. I have signals on all pin the only signal missing is WS_KBD_ONOFF_L any ideas ?
  15. zockysworkshop

    [SOLVED]820-2936-b Fan spins for 30 seconds

    I have 820-2936-b fan spins for 30 seconds and shuts of and starts again there is no water damage. No idea where to start.
  16. zockysworkshop

    820-2530-a no PM_SLP_S4_L

    820-2530-a no PM_SLP_S4_L comes from MCP but what's powering the MCP?
  17. zockysworkshop

    820-00138 No Image but is working on external monitor

    I have 820-00138 and it doesn't give me an image but works perfect on external monitor so i checked the connector pins on the schematics and looks so confusing compared withe the other boards and also i have to use board view file similar to that board because is not available yet. Anyway i have...
  18. zockysworkshop

    820-00138-a DOESN'T SEE SSD

    I have 820-00138-a board that someone else worked on it doesn't see the ssd on the schematics i was seeing the signals and i have 3.3v on pins 1 to 5 and 25 to 28, also i have SMC_OOB1_R2D_CONN_L but i dont have SMC_OOB1_D2R_CONN_L and SSD_PWR_FET_EN thosse 2 signals come from u3711 i believe...
  19. zockysworkshop

    820-3437 no audio

    im kinda confused on this issue. Is the audio chip located on the small board together with the mag safe? I've checked U8040 has enable signal on out i also have PP1V5_S0SW_AUDIO also U6410 gets 5v but nothing on output also MAX98300_R_P and MAX98300_R_N are missing or they suppose to miss not...
  20. zockysworkshop

    Bench Power Supply Recommendation

    I want to buy good Bench Power Supply Any suggestions. I'm looking at BK Precision 1687B not sure if its good ???