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  1. gevans91

    A1466 Trackpad

    Hiya, hopefully this is the right section. I am just wondering what peoples experiences with the A1466 trackpad are? Is there a known failure rate with them? Got a customer who brought one in, works fine on the login screen, as soon as you login and reach the desktop the trackpad becomes erratic...
  2. gevans91

    820-00165 fan spin but no boot

    Got a 820-00165 has green light, fan spins for 10 seconds, goes off, comes back on and ramps up to full speed. No chime present All rails seem to be present, no water damage to board and no corrosion as far as I can see. Only odd thing I can see is Q3080* looks burned? PPBUS_G3H is sitting at...
  3. gevans91

    A1226 / A1260 GPU worth repairing?

    Im new to all this board/component level repair, been watching a lot of Louis' videos on youtube and feel confident enough to start trying it for myself, struggling to find old donor machines to work on though! I have managed to get my hands on 2 Macbook Pro's 1x A1226 and 1x A1260, I have not...