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    820-00840 not waking up

    There is no water damage on the board. When i put to sleep and after 5 minutes it doesnt wak up. Must reset smc to boot it again. Already tried SMC reballing and there is no result.
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    820-00239 touch on touchbar not working.

    The board was "checked" by other technician and there was overheat on touchbar's touch flex componentes (under metallic protection.) and touchbar wasnt working at all. I bought touchbars and now touchbar gives image but touch is not working. Checked J442 and seems to be ok. Checked J4402 for...
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    [SOLVED] 820-00165 no video no chime

    Got this board with just 1 resistor bad R6125 (seems it was water damage just on 1 pin). CHecked all resistors near U6100 and they are ok. When plug magsafe fan spins for 5 seconds than turns off and than spins again for ever. CPU is getting warm, all rails are ok, i have vcore 1.8V, ALL SYS...
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    820-2523 right fan high (0 RPM)

    Got this board. No water damage. Right fan is always high. When start it has some delay and after 2-3 seconds start run very high. Already changed U5570 and Q5501. Same result. Run AHT and it it gives me 3 errors: Fan-Right side (test1) Qiuck motor test-> Error - MOtor is spinning slower...
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    820-3662 no keyboard backlight.

    Hi, Water damaged mac. PPVOUT_S0_KBDBKLT 5V BUt i compared with good working and see that BKLT_KEYB1 and BKLT_KEYB2 goes to 6-7 Volts when cover sensor near camera on display. But on this one it stais 0. Macos activated up down option for keyboard light control but there is no light...
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    820-00165 PP3V3_SUS pulsing 1.1-1.4V

    Got this board with water damage near U6100. Changed U7600, U6101, U7400 and some small components near that had wrong values. Now all main rails are ok, but all rails near efi chip are pulsing from 1.1 to 1.4 V. Board is trying to enter S0 and all S0 rails are pulsing (Ex: 3v3_S0 is...
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    820-3437 not booting.

    No water damage, nothing bad on board Mains rails are ok PPBUS, 5V and 3.3V of s5 are ok. RTC also is 3.3. All_SYS is 0 but i cant find out why it is 0. All rails are present SMC_LID 2,6 is ok?
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    820-01521-a not booting

    Usb get 19V and goes up to 1.27Amps. Board getting warm near U3900 area. No USB activity, no image external internal, caps button not turning on so my guess board is not entering S0 SMC LID 1.6V Any common issue with that f----ing T2 boards? There was liquid damage on sound board, after...
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    820-00875 not turning on

    No water damage, no history of any strange things. PPDCIN_G3H - 5. 2V PPBUS - 0.2V PP5V_S5 - 0V PP3V3_G3H -0 V PP3V3_S5 - 0 V LDO on both CD3215 are ok. WHen i heat up U3100 are it starts sometimes (not always). ALready tried to change CD3215 and stil not booting
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    820-00244 PPVRTC_G3H shorted

    board with no liquid damage. Just stopped working. injecting 3V in PPVRTC_G3H got CPU hot. CPU dead? P.S. On input it shows 14V and for few second it is going up to 1.90 amps then back to 0.02 Amps.
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    820-3588 not turning on.

    Got this with "explosion" in C6300-C6305 area. IT was burnt. Cleaned and replaced all componentes . Short is gone but still not turning on. CHecked all S5 rails and they all are ok. Not getting All_Sys Good and PP1V01_S0 is shorted to ground or near to short ( 50Ohms.). Whant else can i...
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    820-00165 ppbus 8,60 only when smc area is hot

    Water damage board with video, backlight areas damage. I have already reballed smc but it gets 8,6 v only after putting smc and while smc area a still hot and only 1 time, after reconnecting magsafe drops to 8.18V. The issue is that boards doesnt detects battery.
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    820-00840 no power. Stuck at 5V

    No water damage. Just stopped working. visual inspection with no result, board seems ok. Power rails: PPBUS - 0V ( not shorted) PPDCIN_G3H - 5.2V PP5V_S5 - 0V (not shorted) PP3V3_G3H - 0V (not shorted) BUF_SMC_RESET_L - 0V SMC_RESET_L - 0V CD3215 no LDO have voltage.
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    820-00875 not turning one.

    The board was water damage in U8400 area. So checked all rails and found that PP3V3_S5 is shorted to ground. Checked all components on that line and all seems be ok. Injecting 3V only CPU points where arrives PP3V3_S5 is getting hot. CPU is dead or there is something else i can check?
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    820-00244 NO PBUS, not shorted.

    Got this board with U3100 burnt. Replaced it (twice because was thinking that may be first was deffective) With exactly same (B01 at the end) and now getting 5V, no amps. No PPBUS but not shorted to ground. All other rail except PPVIN_G3H seems be ok.
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    820-2936cnot charging.

    Hi, No water damage. Already changed ISL and now after change (still not connected battery and magsafe) pins 17/18 is 65 Ohm and 27/28 2.7 Kohm. What it can be if replaced twice ISL and measermunt are still incorrect. What componentes create 20 and 3-4 ohms resistence on that pins?
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    820-00165 S0 rails pulsing

    Got this board, no liquid damage. Green/orange light, fan try to spin and s0 rails pulsing. ALL SYS also pulses. Already checked all traces on U6100 and resistors on SPI Bus Series Termination and all are ok. No visible damage. My guess is U6100 but i dont have medusa for now. Anyway to...
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    820-00840 runs from battery but not boots

    I got this one very badly damaged near keyboard and speacker area (J6603 and J4801). Not liquid damage, just some "friend-tecnichian" tried to repair it. Computer wasn't booting due short (PP5V_S0 on J4810). Found it, replaced both connector, now it starts and work normal untill u sleep it...
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    820-00239 only one side is getting 5V 033Amps

    Hi, Got this board without any damage. Suddenly stopped working one side pf USB C (J3300) No V no Amps. Other side is getting 5.15V and 0.32 amps. U3200... and this four components may cause this kind? Before this when it was CD issue i always was getting at least 5V on all ports. Visual...
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    820-2879 not turning on.

    Hi, This board had liquid damage in U6990. First PPBUS was 1V and going down, and also all main rails were bad. So finally i checked that R6905, U6990 and U7600 were bad and i replaced them. Now i get green light on magsafe, ppbus and other rails are stable but it doesnt starts. Trying SMC...