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    820-00840 wont boot to USB OSX

    Hi, I have an 820-00840 that had liquid damage around the USB C port It works perfectly, other than it wont boot to a USB OSX instal. It loads most of the way and then shows the prohibited icon. I have tried many drives, OSX versions and USB C adapters. It can boot to its internal SSD, and an...
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    820-00045 No power

    I have an 820-00045 that has no power, It has no liquid damage, and the chasis is in good condition so i doubt its impact damaged. started poking around and noticed i have 3v3_S5 but no PP3v3_SUS pinpointed this fault to a break between Pin 6 of u8020 and R1464. ran a jumper wire and got...
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    820-3437, backlight no display. Apple refurbished board

    I have an 820-3437 doing some bizarre things. Backlight no display, pulled all peripherals without change, Tested with a known good display. It sometimes shows backlight no display, and other times, it Chimes over and over again, Each time it chimes, the chime becomes more and more distorted...
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    I have an 820-00840, with very minute signs of liquid damage around the SSD (logic board is perfectly clean) It gets all power rails, yet never posts, and V-core remains high at 0.9V (these boards go a little lower when the post, maybe to around 0.75V) I have tried a new EFI with clean ME (known...
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    820-00239, Will not boot fully.

    I have a 13" touchbar here, it came in with liquid damage, and a blown J4402. The liquid damage was only seemingly to the touchbar connector J4402. Replaced J4402, and patched up and ran a jumper wire to pin 22 of the connector due to a blown out trace. Tried booting the laptop to High sierra...
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    820-00281 a1707 misbehaving. Strange DCIN and other pulsing rails

    820-00281 i fixed around 18 months ago for minor liquid damage has come back to me. I originally fixed the board by running pin 2 R4911 to Debug power button, at the time of doing this no schematics were available and pin 1 of R4911 was completely destroyed, so running to the debug power pads...
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    820-4924 No display/USB when TPAD plugged in

    I seem to a pile of insane faults. I got a nasty 820-4924 in, Did allot to get it posting, and then found it wouldnt display or boot if the trackpad cable was plugged in, It just seems to sit with backlight on but nothing else. Tried known good parts, inspected the board, Brushed U4830 and it...
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    820-4924 No Audio

    820-4924 that has had its audio jack replaced elsewhere. Showing no audio devices in OSX (no chime either) I have replaced the codec (u6201) twice, and still pin 4 of J6600 (jack) is O/L instead of 780 ohms (same with both codec's) Ive followed the line and found no bad traces (but have not...
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    Pesky freezing issue on 820-3476

    I have a 3476 that had minor liquid damage. Ultrasonic cleaned and repaired pp3v2 It all runs perfectly but freezes almost as soon as it gets to OS X. One of my members of staff noticed it doesn't free when an external display is plugged in. From here ive figured out that if you get it running...
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    820-3332 Fast fans ( No sensor problems?)

    820-3332 shipped to me with previous repair work and bad u8900 soldering. Sorted out u8900, cleaned flux in the ultrasonic. But the thing will not stop running fast fans despite passing apple internal hardware test. Ive checked HW monitor also and found all temperature sensors reading correctly...
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    820-00928-A No display on internal (works external)

    I have an 820-00928 board with no display and no backlight on the internal after liquid damage. The internal display does not show up in osx. Tested with known good screen and cable Has PP3V3_S0SW_LCD BUF_EDP_PANEL_PWR_EN PP5V_S0SW_LCD I2C_BKLT_SDA I2C_BKLT_SCL after checking the LCD connector...
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    820-00928-A Wont boot to OSX (random shutdown)

    Hi Odd one, one of my refurb machines, 15" touchbar that had some liquid damage. Not really bad, Gave it an inspection and ultrasonic as it wasn't booting properly, It seems to be getting worse and worse but it gets the loading bar and then just shuts down. Does the same on Apple Diagnostics and...
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    820-3115 bizarre USB issue

    I have a 3115. On port J4700 the USB is behaving odly. If you disconnect the charger it will eject devices plugged into that port. Ive replaced the USB 2.0 filter, usb 3.0 filters and MUX (u2670) Ive also bypassed the USB power switch to ensure its not something to do with U4600. I am currently...
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    820-00239 Touchbar. Liquid damaged.

    Board looked very clean other than the touchbar connector (J4402 now removed due to pin 20 and 22 being corroded/shorted. It has all power rails, CPU gets warm, with no Post, No chime, no display. Really stuck. anything i should check? Thanks
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    820-00163, Lid sleep issue

    I have a 15" Retina DG here. It works perfectly until we put it in LID sleep. When you open the LID the keyboard backlight comes up but the screens backlight does not, I have measured the backlight line and after coming out of sleep its showing 50V / No load. Not seen this one before.
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    A1534 820-00244 ISL95530HIZ-TR headache

    Does anyone know if there are compatibility differences between ISL95530HIZ-TR5664 and ISL95530HIZ-TR5655?
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    820-3332 Almost all sensors bad

    I have another one of these (had a couple i never fixed previusly) This ones not had liquid damage, or any rework. It fast fans, and if you run ASD you get a list of practically every sensor being bad for unknown reasons. Ive replaced the SMC, checked everything i can think of and got...
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    820-3662's Random restarting

    Hi, ive seen a couple of 15" 2013 retinas just randomly restarting. these are machines with no liquid damage, and i really havent had the time to try any repairs. But it doesn't seem related to any component being stressed. We tried ram tests, CPU stress and GPU stress and it will run fine, but...
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    820-3437 spaffy wifi issues.

    Hey. Got an 820-3437 that came in with strange fault and almost no sign of liquid damage. Fan would only spin up once and it wouldn't post. I ran it through the ultrasonic cleaner- It came out working, but has a strange wifi issue. Sometimes it will have wifi at boot menue but not in OSX...
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    820-3435 Missing ALL_SYS_PWRGD

    I have a 3435 board here im working on thats got me stumped. It is missing ALL_SYS_PWRGD, All power rails required for ALL_SYS_PWRGD are present However PP1v05_S0 is lower than it should be. it is only making 0.95V for some reason. I have replaced the feedback resistors and the IC. checked all...