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    820-00045 won't power on.

    This 820-00045 won't power on. Under the microscope, I confirmed no liquid/physical damage. This unit died on its own. Under further inspection, I found a short on PPVCC_S0_CPU. When I inject 1V to this shorted line the PCH on the CPU heats up. So I know that the CPU/PCH BGA processor needs to...
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    820-3478 external monitor does not work.

    This 820-3478 Logic Board I have will not display to an external monitor. After further inspection of the Logic Board under the microscope I noticed U3015 to have a dark spot, it looked burnt. I went ahead and desoldered U3015, I also desoldered U3020. When I test each pad under those chips...
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    820-00840 Issues. Where to start?

    Logic Board won't boot sometimes. When it does and I get it into OS, this is what I get. *** MCA Error Report *** CPU Machine Check Architecture Error Dump (CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7360U CPU @ 2.30GHz, CPUID: 0x806E9) Core: 0 IA32_MC3_STATUS=0xFE00000000800400 IA32_MC3_CTL=0x0...
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    820-00239 5V Issue

    How do I remove the underfill on UB300? **UB300 is getting hot and I am sure it needs to be replaced in order for this board to shoot back to 20V. Any advice on the underfill would be much appreciated.
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    A1707 BIN Needs ME Cleared

    I have an 820-00928 that had a short in the PCH, PP3v3_SUS was shorted, once I replaced the PCH the short was gone and the system turned on. Just need the ME region cleared now. Here is the BIN: Please can...
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    820-4924 graphic issues?

    I'm not sure where to start with this one. No liquid damage, and it is very clean. The issue is when it boots to OS the screen gets distorted but shows fine during boot up. If I plug in an external monitor the external monitor displays fine and also makes the internal display fine. Once the...
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    Can someone clean the ME REGION on this EFI/BIOS? For 820-3787

    Please, can someone clean the ME REGION on this EFI/BIOS? Please clean this bin and not just upload a clean version. This bin is original to this Logic Board I am working on. The reason I need CLEAN ME is I just replaced the PCH/Intel Graphics because it was cracked. Now the system boots but...
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    820-3662, Need ME Region Cleaned

    I have an 820-3662 that the intel (SR17D) was cracked. Replaced it but now I need the ME region cleaned. Who can help me with ME region cleaning?
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    820-3437-a ram issues

    This one gets kernel panic's and it's related to the RAM. SO I know the RAM is the issue and plan to change all 4 of the RAM modules with NEW ones or from a donor board. My issue is I cannot find the same exact RAM chips to replace with. I have a few donor boards but they are different RAM...
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    MacBook A1534 EFI/BIOS LOCK

    I have a 2015 MacBook that is EFI locked. I know the process on EFI removal on older Mac's like 2014 MacBook Air, however, I do not know which CHIP holds the info on this Logic Board. If someone would be kind enough to point to the CHIP that does hold the EFI info and what it's identifier is...
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    820-4924 "P" Key not working.

    Where do I start with this? I already tried a different keyboard and confirmed the issue is on the Logic Board. Any help is very much appreciated. Keyboard connector looks perfect, no signs of liquid damage around it.
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    820-00165 EFI File needed with clean ME region

    Anyone have one they could email me? Thanks in advance. Thomas