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    820-00239 cd32 spill

    I replaced the cd32 and now get 20.5v 620ma no display or usb activity then it drops to 540ma. Cpu gets warm. Im not familiar with these boards . Where to start?
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    820-3435-B not detecting battery

    I had a bit of spillage on the board but nothing around smc or charging Ic. What diode reading should I be getting around C7117 (PPVBAT_G3H_CHGR_R) Im getting 0.113v on diode. Im getting 8.6v on Q7155 pin 5
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    A1707 clean dumps required

    I have 2 A1707 1 with board number 820-00928-a and 1 with 820-00928-04 Im looking for clean bios for both but have no luck with search function on the forum.
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    820-00239 13" macbook pro touchbar model SSd missing

    I have a 2016 13" macbook pro touchbar model thats does not see the internal ssd.
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    820-3437 no webcam detected

    There was a small amount of spillage R1275 and L1275 after replacing them the unit powers up but it wont detect webcam. I have tried a couple of different screens with known good cams but still no cam detected. I have reballed and swapped U3900, pp1v35_cam is present and PP3V3_S3RS0_CAMERA i s...
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    820-00928 distorted graphics and freezing running unigine valley

    There are no signs of spillage it works fine until I run benchmark then it gets distorted graphics and freezes/crashes. Is this a known issue with this model?
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    820-01700-05 not powering up

    There is no sign of spillage on the unit. When lid opened or power button pressed only charging icon shows on screen, current goes to 2.1a then back to 20ma. When left on charge it just stays at 40ma and does not charge the battery or power up. Is there a boardview or schematic for this? Any...
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    820-3476-a wont turn on with battery

    Im working on a spillage board . There was spillage around the battery area and also around U4801.I changed this Ic. Now it turns on when adapter inserted and powers up. if you power it off it powers up again. If you remove the adapter it will stay on with the battery but will not charge. It...
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    A1706 Touchbar , touchbar not active.

    Hi i have an issue with A1706 13" 2016 Mac Pro. When installing Os it get to a point where it says "A critical software update is required for your mac, but an error was encountered" it just goes back to that. The touchbar doesnt seem to be working. I have inspected the board but cannot see any...
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    A1707 820-00928 no display

    I have a board with no display I have tried the screen on another board and the screen is fine. I have tried bios downloaded from here but still the same. board draws 1.2a . I have held a light to screen and cant see anything so I dont think its backlight . Any ideas where to start with this...
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    820-3437b no thunderbolt

    There are no signs of spillage on the board I ran diagnostics and its failing for thunderbolt issues. There is no external output. Where to start troubleshooting this issue?
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    A1534 Dead need to identify schematic

    I have a dead A1534 I cannot locate the board number . Never worked on this model before. Which boardview/schematic or where to locate board number. please.
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    820-3476-a powers down

    Hi this board goes to 900mv then drops to 400mv and then to 14mv . The backlight comes on for a split second. Vcore stays stable at 1.8v Where should I start looking . There is no visible liquid damage
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    820-3437 Missing webcam

    I have a 820-3437 board that had some spillage after repair and ultrasonic and test I dont have any camera. J4200 has 0v on pins 2 and 3 (.324 on diode mode) pin 4 has 0v and reads short to ground this doesnt change when you access camera. PIns 5 and 6 0v (.318 on diode). PIn 8 and 9 have...
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    820-00165a Spillage around Y1915 and u7701

    Board was powering up intermittent with black screen (chime) so replaced U7701 and Backlight was ok so began installation of Os. After reboot it wouldnt turn on again so found some corrosion around Y1915. Replaced both resistors and board still powering intermittent. Board stopped turning on...
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    A1398 820-3662-a Not charging

    Hi laptop had liquid spill as is now not seeing/charging the battery. I have reballed the Smc and replaced u7100 as I was not getting SMC_BC_ACOK. Readings on the batt connector are pins 1-4 = 4.3v pin 5 = 3.3v pin 6 = 3.3 - 0.21v pin 7 .276 - .019v
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    820-3437-b spillage

    This board initially was only drawing 20ma After changing a few components I now have all s0 rails up. Fan spins unit draws 150ma (Occasionaly jumps to over 250ma thern drops back) but no usb activity/Chime. I have reballed the smc and tried a bios file from a different forum (couldnt find...
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    820-00165a no EDP_BKLT_EN

    Hi Im working on a Macbook air A1466 which was water damaged and was dead with no led on charger. I currently have it powering up fan spin. All major voltage are present. I have no chime or screen and am not sure of usb activity but usb mouse red led flickers at the start of power up. Currently...
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    820-4924-a No PP5V_S5_LDO

    Hi Im working on a board that has green light but no PP5V_S5_LDO. Am i correct in thinking u7501 pin 12 ~(P5VS5_EN) needs to be present for PP5V_S5_LDO to be on pin 29.?. P5VS5_EN seems to be from SMC_PM_G2 presented on R8140 which reads 0v (100ohms), there does not seem to be a short on either...
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    820-3476-a Black screen fan spins high

    I have 820-476-a board . It powers up to black screen , fan spins fast and consumes .480ma - 500ma. There is no 5v on lcd connector with or with screen attached. No Enable signal on U8300 (checked for shorts) U8330 and resistors checked (no EDP Panel PWR) All S0 line seem to be present ppbus_g3h...