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  1. gadgetfix

    820-3332 running hot -dark probe points

    This machine runs great except customer complains it runs very hot. so what was noticable - battery reports replace soon as well as running real hot. So i run asd and it is throwing some memory errors, but still runs fine. i removed board and upon inspecting found that most probe points are...
  2. gadgetfix


    This little MacBook come in with no power - no charge issue. Upon plugging into my 61w original apple charger it started charging It now charges. When you turn it on it chimes boot logo and even goes into OS. After some time it shuts down unexpectantly. it usually lasts from 5 seconds to about a...
  3. gadgetfix

    820-00138-a backlight issue

    Hey guys. This macbook has backlight issue. When it came in it had no backlight. After sometime display came back - and then started flickering on and off pretty fast for about 10-20 seconds. So i guess whatever the issue was on its way out. Now black screen when i shine a torch can see visual...
  4. gadgetfix

    820-3437-b ppvout_sw_lcdbklt_fb blown

    hey all. i have waterdamage macbook air, everything looks good except no backlight upon closer inspection (near lvds connector) i found the probe point for ppvout_sw_lcdbklt_fb blown. Does this mean jumper from pin 5 u7701?
  5. gadgetfix

    820-2850 crashing with 8gb sticks?

    This one passes asd with 2x4gb 2x2gb memory config. 4 passes no problem however single 8gb or 2x8gb always fail? has this happened to anyone before?
  6. gadgetfix

    820-3115 with blown hole on u9410

    hey there, this board had a bit of corrosion after some cleanup was running fine. about a month later it unfortunately died, opened to inspect a hole in u9410. Now pp15v_t29 is completely short to ground, i have removed almost every component but short is still there? would it be safe to...
  7. gadgetfix

    820-3437 fan going nuts

    hey all i got a macbook air and although works fine fan spins up - just after boot. Fan connector looks good - no damage. I have tried another fan. I have tried another io board. R6060 R6061 R6065 R6010 all measuring good Q6060 been replaced twice. what am i missing? thanks
  8. gadgetfix

    820-2950 kernel panic after replacing c9560

    I know these boards have issue with c9560 however even after replacing with a bigger one. I am still getting kernel panic. measures 1.3v Initially when i touch the probe though i can see for like a split second it reads 3.3v?
  9. gadgetfix

    820-00244-a short on ppbus_g3h

    hey guys. this one came from another store and there has been a previous repair attempt. I only noticed because L7210 was missing I have no other history and suspect no prior liquid damage. ppdcin_g3h has 20v present but both ppvbat_g3h and ppbus_g3h on F7040 both showing 0.6v. I removed F7040...
  10. gadgetfix

    820-2936 ASD error 47006

    Hey guys. system works good. however on asd im getting error 47006 i checked all resistors around smc and even checked under smc. everything look good but still getting error.
  11. gadgetfix

    820-2936-B blue tint refuse to boot to asd or install os

    hey guys Suprisingly very clean board. The one and ONLY problem i have spotted is one of the traces is corroded - deep. DP_T29SNK0_ML_N it connects to pin 2 of C3623. If you look on the board view all the caps located in the same area are taking 3.3v on the pin 2. Would it be a problem if i...
  12. gadgetfix

    820-3115 green light no boot no fan spin ppbus_g3h 4v

    hey all i got a machine it got green light no fan spin but the ppbus_g3h measuring low 4.10v? pp3v42_g3h is good 3.4v no sign of water damage what can cause this?
  13. gadgetfix

    820-3115 u9410 keeps blowing.

    Hey all this one came water damage. lvds was bad and ppvout_sw_lcdbklt pins were gone. SO i ran jumpers and turned on the macbook and boom - instant smoke. So i go over thunderbolt and check all components around u9410 and make sure everything is good. Re done the u9410 now v2 with jumpers to...
  14. gadgetfix

    820-3115 no audio? no chime

    hey guys, This one had no power/no boot. Upon closer inspection i found some corrosion under the grey spongey type sticker next to battery connector. Once i peeled it away i noticed some corrosion and tested components to find short on one of the caps. it was corrosponding to pp_audio_ch and...
  15. gadgetfix

    820-2879 wifi randomly disappears. fan 100% intermittently

    Hey guys. Everything works well except the issues mentioned in the title. I have tested the resistors around fan connector. all seem well. also changed q5660. fan still 100% where to hunt? is this common problem?
  16. gadgetfix

    820-3437 100% fan spin.

    No sign of water damage ASD fails on: Fan motor exhaust test #4 - ERROR -- 9 Quick fan motor test #5 - ERROR -- 7 Fan motor: exhaust test #21 - ERROR --9 im getting 5v and 3.3v @ u6010 pp3v3_s0_fan is .5v? <--- shouldnt this be 3.3v? Thanks guys
  17. gadgetfix

    [DEAD]820-3662-A ppvcc_s0_cpu short to ground

    forgive me ignorance but when this happens cpu is gone right? thanks?
  18. gadgetfix

    820-3437 No 5v

    Hey guys. This one was working fine. Refused to turn on one day. NO drop. NO waterdamage. Upon inspection found short on ppbus_g3h. Removed short. I cant see pp5v_s5 missing.
  19. gadgetfix

    [SOLVED]820-3332-A gpu issues

    I have a MBP here. History: Previously going into kernel panic and having graphic issues. Customer done work around u8900 with bad results - components moved - some connections bridged etc - its been fixed now. Machine does boot with image but no backlight. Upon testing some voltages I can...
  20. gadgetfix

    820-3208-a no green light

    Hey guys. has water damage no green light PPBUS_G3H = 8.22v PPBUS_S5_HS_COMPUTING_ISNS = 8.22v PPVRTC_G3H = 2.9v PP5V_S5 = missing?