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    A1534 2017 flickering during boot up by pressing a key

    Is the audio working? If the system finds no audio device and it wants to give audio feedback from some keyboard entry it will blink the screen. Also you cannot put a 2015 LCD on a 2017 machine as the 2015 LCDs only have a "sleep magnet" on one side so the machine will never sleep.
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    macbook air 2018 A1932 strange problem

    Do a PRAM reset and try again with a wired connection. You'll need a USBC to USBA adapter and an Apple USB to LAN adapter. I have not verified if any other adapters work as the EFI needs to have drivers for it to work. You could also try another WiFi network, make sure is has WPA security enabled.
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    macbook air 2018 A1932 strange problem

    Does the DFU restore run through the whole process without error? Did you select the "restore" option?
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    Does Anyone Have A 820-3637 Board to Measure 2 Resistors For Me?

    Will have a look this weekend, got one here for repair.
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    820-3435-B (Heatpipe 2) sensor

    I believe that sensor is on the I/O board, goes through SMBUS via J9500.
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    820-01814 strange screen issues

    The 15" LCDs are completely hopeless. Does the ALS really work or did they just put something in there to fake a signal so the keyboard backlight works? I would still say this is an ALS problem. Just disable the "adjust keyboard brightness" under the keyboard settings. I have stopped fixing the...
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    820-00850 Can't get past Activation Screen

    The machine is linked to an Apple ID. They either need to give you account ID and password or remove the machine from their iCloud. This is no hardware issue.
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    820-00850 Can't get past Activation Screen

    Have you booted from WLAN with the CMD+ALT+R? It should then be able to erase and reinstall it. Also they should remove the device from their iCloud just to be sure.
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    Macbook 2018 T2 iCloud

    You can't without access to the machine, or get cozy with an AASP who can check it for you. Also if it is locked it can go in the trash. Basically the same as iPhones now. You can still swap the CPU though, iCloud is only tied to the T2, ROM, NANDs, EEPROM.
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    Macbook Air 2018/2019 Trackpad and Audio Board question

    Keyboard backlight does not work when the Ambient light sensor is not working. You might have an LCD with bad ALS.... But if your MIC is also not working then it could be related to the T2 chip as it controls both of them. Do a full clean install, that means wiping the whole SSD, in Disk...
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    820-4924-A No Backlight....

    Nothing looks really worrying there. Also going back to the diagnostic error there I see a NDT001 which would indicatie a Thunderbolt failure. What is the exact history of this board as I suspect this was messed with and not just that backlight problem that was fixed. Can you do a PRAM reset...
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    820-2849-A no chime PPBUS_G3H intermittent 8.33v/1.9v

    U7400 is never an issue, so you have introduced yet another variable that was probably not needed. Usually CPUIMVP_PGOOD is missing because CPU Vcore is not present. The CPU needs to talk to U7400 to set the output voltage. So I still stick with my diagnoses of a bad CPU here. This board is most...
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    820-00923 A1706 Touchbar MacBookPro not booting

    I don't see a successful Single user boot. Just the verbose screen and a Kernel panic. So that is why the keyboard does not work. The kernel panic could be anything as I see it happening at different times in those screen shots. I would inspect the board closer for liquid damage. There must be...
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    820-4924-A No Backlight....

    These values look like Ohm values, need the diode mode values.
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    820-2849-A no chime PPBUS_G3H intermittent 8.33v/1.9v

    SMC has nothing to do with that. Probably just the heat that affected something. But now that the SMC has been touched that is just another added uncertainty that probably wasn't necessary. Did you take an SMC from an identical donor board at least? What is Ohm value on PLT RESET?
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    820-4924-A No Backlight....

    I need the diode mode values on those SDA/SCL lines. Better yet, post all the diode mode readings for all pins of the trackpad connector. You did use another trackpad cable too?
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    820-4924-A No Backlight....

    You could try answering my previous questions.
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    820-4924-A No Backlight....

    Just to make sure here, you used a complete different case with trackpad cable and everything? At least the battery in that one has seen better days but that will not cause the fan to run high. Check diode mode on both I2C_TPAD_SDA and SCL lines on the trackpad connector. The trackpad is...
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    820-2849-A no chime PPBUS_G3H intermittent 8.33v/1.9v

    First check pin 25 on U7600 if enable is there. I bet it is and this problem is caused by the feedback from the CPU on the CPU_VTTSENSE lines. If enable is there we are probably looking at a dead CPU or cracked balls/traces under it. It could be a short on that line, but unlikely. What is diode...