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  1. bjf

    820-00850 Fan spinning up

    This board is fully functional but the fans spin up after a few seconds. I've tried it in an entirely different case and it does the same thing. I replaced Q5871 being that it was one of the few areas to be hit. No change. Online test shows no issues. I've attached pictures taken before...
  2. bjf

    820-01598 No backlight

    Any thoughts on where to start with a backlight issue on this board that had a very minimal spill? I can't find any sign of the spill or any physical damage on the board. There is video but no backlight. Works on external monitor. Keyboard, trackpad, everything else works fine. I tested it with...
  3. bjf

    820-00850 Can't get past Activation Screen

    I have a semi-functional 820-00850 that is stuck on the Activation Screen. I attached a picture. I'm talking to the previous owner so they went into their iCloud account and set it to delete when it makes contact with the internet (see attached screenshot). It keeps coming back to the Activation...
  4. bjf

    820-4924 No Magsafe Light

    I have a non-spill 820-4924 that has an SMC that won't come on. The board is clean. 3V42 is there. SMC_RESET_L is there. PPBUS is low at 12.25 being that the SMC is not on. I'm not getting SMC_ADAPTER_EN or SMC_PM_G2_EN. Not sure where to go next.
  5. bjf

    820-3476 Cycling

    I have a non-spill 820-3476 board that's cycling quickly. S0 voltages are cycling extremely quickly, about twice a second. Not seeing anything on CPU voltage though. I can't find any shorts or anything heating up. Sometimes the Magsafe light won't come on when plugging it in. In those cases...
  6. bjf

    2018/2019 MacBook Pro 13" screen in 2016/2017?

    Has anyone tried this? Even thought the pinout is different I have a feeling it would work. Trying to avoid blowing anything up though.
  7. bjf

    Can you remove UB000 on 820-00923?

    Any idea if this board would still be able to use the left USB ports if I just pulled UB000? It has a short on the 3V3_S0 line (PP3V3_TBT_T_S0) on this chip and I don't have any interest in replacing the chip. But I would be fine if it only had 2 USB ports vs 4.
  8. bjf

    GPU Bypass for 820-3332?

    I've heard of a possible bypass for the GPU on this model, something like the 820-2915 bypass? Does anyone know if this is possible? I've seen mention of a Facebook page but I can't access it and have tried with no luck to join the group.
  9. bjf

    820-4924 Won't boot

    I have an 820-4924 that restarts right when the boot progress bar starts. It wasn't liquid-damaged. My guess is some type of bios issue. I'm trying to fix it with my Medusa but when I try putting a new bios on it I don't get any USB drives at the boot menu. When I put the original bios back on...
  10. bjf

    820-01598 Won't work with LCD connected

    This board had very minimal signs of liquid-damage near the USB-C ports. I attached a picture. It's not the best but you can see where the spill hit. This will turn on and work fine with an external monitor but if I attach the LCD it won't display anything on either screen. Any ideas or hope to...
  11. bjf

    820-00163 Killing batteries

    This board keeps killing batteries. It had some very minor liquid-damage on the LCD connector. Nothing near U7100 or the SMC. Diode measurements on the SCL and SDA lines are good at .502 and .500. The battery will work for a while but then lose it's capacity and die. We're on the third one. As...
  12. bjf

    820-00281 No spill, swollen battery 5V on USB

    This came in with no spill, with a swollen battery and 5V on USB. I'm not finding any shorts. PP3V3_G3H is at 0V. No short. PM_EN_PP3V3_G3H is at 0V. Diode measurement is good at .580. Is this just a damaged U7000?
  13. bjf

    820-00923 Left side USB ports don't work

    This was not spilled on. The left side USB ports don't work. I replaced the USB connector and it's still the same. The front one shows absolutely nothing on the USB meter. The back one shows 5V but no current. The right ports work fine. But just now, after trying the left rear port again, it...
  14. bjf

    820-00928 Cycling between 5V and nothing at USB

    I've cleaned this board up after some minor corrosion. Replaced U2890 and anything around it that looked bad. Board has 3V3_LDO and PP3V3_G3H. I can't see anything else that would keep it from getting 20V but it's now just cycling between 5V and nothing on the USB input. Screen goes blank and...
  15. bjf

    820-01521 Has 20V but not turning on.

    I removed a short on PPVIN_G3H_P5VG3S (shorted C7661) and was getting 20V but no current. Found another short on PP5V_G3S. It was a shorted U8110. Replaced. Still only 20V with no current. I can't find any other shorts and never witnessed one on the CPU. Any thoughts on where to get next with...
  16. bjf

    820-00239 Has 20V but current is cycling

    This came in as a no-spill but it looks like it was exposed to some type of very minimal moisture. Very subtle but I had to replace R3509 and R3539. Cleaned it in the ultrasonic. No change. I can't find any shorts. Every 5 or 6 seconds it will try to turn on and a small amount of current will go...
  17. bjf

    820-00281 No display. Has external monitor.

    This came in with very isolated corrosion around the right hall sensor. I repaired that and SMC_LID is at 3.4V but it's still acting like SMC_LID is low. The keyboard is not functional and the screen isn't coming on. It does display on an external monitor though. Not sure what else would be...
  18. bjf

    820-00850 Has voltage but no CPU

    This had some type of minor spill but I'm struggling to find much sign of it. The little bit of corrosion was cleaned before it got to me. It gets 20V, has PM_SLP_S4_L, has 5V on PP5V_MAIN_VCCSA but no CPU power. There is a very slight amount of heat on the CPU. I'm not finding any shorts...
  19. bjf

    820-00239 No backlight.

    This board boots and has display on external monitor. Can't tell if it has video on LCD screen. Has EDP_BKLT_EN at 3.3V. Has PP5V_S0SW_LCD at 5V. 0V on PPVOUT_LCD_BKLT. Is this just a U8400 replacement? I'm trying to rule everything else out before just replacing it. The board was hit by liquid...
  20. bjf

    820-00239 No PM_EN_P3V3_G3H

    This board has one issue in that it can't get PM_EN_P3V3_G3H because the pad is blown off on the enable line leading to U6903 to make PP3V3_G3H. See picture. Does anyone have any novel way of dealing with this type of thing? I need to get 3.3V to pin 10 but there's nothing I can tap in to. All I...